We strive to make the Park System an outstanding example of balance, sound conservation, and ecological practice that leads the way for a healthy environment. We monitor:

  1. Protect public health
  2. Establish a database for tracking trends
  3. Quantify and interpret any immediate and long-term changes
  4. Provide information to develop responsible water resources goals
  5. Provide a basis for water resources improvement projects
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented best management practices

We constantly work to maintain and improve water quality in Minneapolis’ scenic and recreational bodies of water through studies, projects and initiatives. We plan and identify goals and priorities that guide water resource management of the water ways, land and surrounding community. We also strive to provide a comprehensive Environmental Education Program for the residents and visitors of the Minneapolis Park System.

The projects we initiate to protect our water resources can include shoreline erosion control, native plantings, water quality improvement techniques, aquatic plant management and storm water mitigation best management practices. Projects can range from community based watershed trash clean-ups, to innovative efforts such as whole lake bio-manipulation projects.

Management of the water resources in Minneapolis is dependent upon complete and accurate data collection. This data is used to make sound management decisions with immediate and long term water resources issues. The MPRB is not alone in its efforts to protect Minneapolis’s water resources. Many organizations work together and share information to protect our urban waterways. Annual Water Resources Reports

View the MPRB Water Resources Report for detailed annual monitoring data, data collection methods, and more.

Additional Reports and Documents

MPRB and the City of Minneapolis do not allow surface water to be pumped from any lake, wetland, or creek except on a case-by-case basis when needed for maintenance of public lands. Please contact waterquality@minneapolisparks.org for additional information.