Wetland Health Evaluation Project (WHEP)

diamond lake wetlandsIn 2001, Hennepin County began a Wetland Health Evaluation Project. The WHEP program has continued on as a successful partnership between many county, city and watershed management organizations.  WHEP utilizes teams of trained volunteers to collect and analyze wetland data to characterize wetland health.  Hennepin County Environmental Services staff then cross-check, synthesize, and report the collected data back to the partner organizations and to the public.  The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has sponsored citizen volunteer teams who monitor wetlands within the park system each year since 2002.

Golf Course Wetland Monitoring

Environmental staff assists the MPRB golf courses in water and vegetation monitoring.  Courses include Wirth, Meadowbrook, Columbia, Hiawatha and Gross.  Physical and chemical parameters are collected and taken to a lab for analysis.  A visual survey of aquatic and wetland vegetation is conducted at each site.  Wetland monitoring at MPRB golf courses is part of their Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program certification.

Audubon International Certification

audubon international logoCertified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary status encourages courses to protect and conserve natural resources and the character and integrity of the land. Certified courses demonstrate efforts to improve environmental quality in planning, public/member involvement, wildlife and habitat management, integrated pest management, water quality management and water conservation practices. The program is sponsored by the USGA.

View the MPRB Water Resources Report for detailed annual monitoring data, data collection methods, and more.