The goal of the Minneapolis Heritage Tree program is to find and give official recognition to trees that are very large, very old, and/or are an important part of our history or culture. Heritage trees may live on either City or private property.

View a map of Minneapolis’ Heritage Trees.


  • Champion Size: Trees that are the largest of their species
  • Significant Size: Trees that are very large, but not the largest of their species
  • Historically or Culturally Significant: Trees that are connected to historical dates, events, people or city landmarks


Fill out an online form to nominate a tree. Or download the paper form [PDF] and mail to:

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Forestry Department
Heritage Tree Program
3800 Bryant Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55409

If the tree you nominate does not make it onto the Heritage Tree List this year, you do not need to nominate it again. We keep a list of all nominated trees and will reconsider the tree if a larger tree is removed or damaged.


Methods established by American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, are used to determine whether to add a tree to the heritage tree list.

We measure the height, circumference and crown spread of nominated trees, following the American Forests’ Measuring Guide.

Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission members review trees nominated for the Historical or Cultural Significance category.