As approved by the Minnesota State Legislature, MPRB has been collecting park dedication fees since January 1, 2014. Park dedication fees are assessed on any development within Minneapolis and are designed to enhance the park system for new residents or employees moving into the city. Common throughout the U.S., park dedication fees are akin to other development fees that create infrastructure to support those developments—infrastructure like sewer, water, and roads. The Minneapolis park dedication ordinance was passed by both the City of Minneapolis and MPRB.

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Contact: Adam Regn Arvidson
Director of Strategic Planning

Park Dedication Fast Facts

  • Fees must be spent in the same neighborhood where they were paid.
  • Fees must be spent on park system expansions or enhancements, like land acquisition, new recreation facilities, or expanded amenities—not on rehabilitation or maintenance.
  • MPRB may consider receiving land in lieu of fees.  Land-in-lieu must meet the plans and goals of MPRB and be approved by the Board of Commissioners.
  • Affordable housing units are exempt—but are the only exemption.  This was decided by the legislature upon authorization.
  • Available funds vary widely across the city.
  • Fund expenditures must be approved through the MPRB’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Park Dedication Mapping Tool