Our parkway system provides access to 6,790 acres of parkland and water, including 102 miles of paved walking and biking paths. We maintain 55 miles of parkways in Minneapolis.

Parkway Maintenance

We own and operate the parkway system, and the City of Minneapolis Public Works provides the following services, through the parkway paving program, to help maintain the parkways:

Routine Parkway Maintenance

  • Pothole and other patch and repair
  • Crack sealing and other preventative maintenance
  • Parkway sweeping and cleaning
  • Snow and ice control

Pavement Rehabilitation

  • Deep milling and pavement replacement
  • Curb and gutter replacement
  • Other structural work as needed

Lighting and Traffic Signal

  • Parkway perimeter lights
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Lighting in MPRB parking lots
  • Street & alley lighting

Report Issues

Report issues to the City of Minneapolis:

Report Street Snow and Ice

Report a Street Light Issue

Report a Traffic Signal Issue

Report a Traffic Sign Issue

Perimeter Paths

We maintain designated paths along the parkways on two-to-three day scheduled routes throughout the park system.