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Community Garden Policy Approved by Board of Commissioners

At its Oct. 17, 2018 meeting, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board of Commissioners voted to adopt the Minneapolis Parks Community Garden Policy. The policy outlines rules, requirements and processes for community gardening at neighborhood parks in Minneapolis. Review the policy using the link below: MPRB Community Garden Policy Budget and Implementation Also at the Oct. 17 […]

Public hearing for Community Garden Policy scheduled October 3 Garden Policy Draft (Revised 9-13)

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) will hold a public hearing on its proposed Community Garden Policy. The hearing is scheduled for 6:45 pm in the Board Room and MPRB Headquarters, 2117 West River Road. The purpose of the public hearing is to hear public comments on the Community […]

The next Urban Agriculture Activity Plan implementation team meeting is on 8/23

The next Urban Agriculture Activity Plan implementation team meeting will be head at MPRB HQ from 4-5:30pm on 8/23. Discussion at this meeting will focus on how to present the revised community garden policy to the Park Board of Commissioners and recommend that it be adopted. Back to Project Page

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Activity plans define our service delivery goals for a particular recreation activity city-wide. These plans determine the resources required to successfully achieve plan goals in service to residents and park visitors. This plan recommends three major goals and related strategies, and guides allocation of resources to support urban agriculture activities within the neighborhood and regional parks. Increasing numbers of Minneapolis residents are actively engaged in various forms of urban agriculture within Minneapolis. The MPRB Board of Commissioners recognizes the many benefits of a sustainable, local food system and has supported community gardening activities since 2002 by resolution [PDF]. The Urban Agriculture activity plan was developed through an extensive community engagement process and contains recommendations related to policy, facility, program, and service improvements to better support urban agriculture activities within the park system. The project supports the following Vision Theme, Goal and Strategy of the MPRB Comprehensive Plan [PDF]:

  • Vision Theme: Dynamic Parks that shape city character and meet diverse community needs.
  • Goal: Park facility renewal and development respects history and focuses on sustainability, accessibility, flexibility and beauty
  • Strategy: Systematically develop activity plans that outline the delivery goals, benefits, facilities, operations, and maintenance required to provide each major recreation activity (or group of similar activities) in the park system. Use these plans to guide capital improvement and facility maintenance programs.

On Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 the Board of Commissioners adopted the Urban Agriculture Activity Plan at its regular meeting. As the plan moves into an implementation phase, residents and park visitors can look forward to increased visibility and support for urban agriculture and over time, experience the benefits these activities provide to personal health and well-being, the local economy, and our environment. This plan incorporates the feedback of advisory committees, residents and volunteers and includes a digital addendum to be updated as new policy, procedure or tools are adopted over the years of plan implementation. The plan will help inform future budget strategies and park master plans, and be integrated into the revision of our 2007-2020 Comprehensive Plan.