Project update: May 20, 2019 Entry improvements at various recreation centers

MPRB is upgrading or installing electric door operators at the main entries of 21 recreation centers, as well as replacing entry doors at some of those locations. This work takes place in May and June 2019 and is coordinated through MPRB’s long-term ADA Action Plan. It complements the project that took place in fall 2018 at 10 locations that improved parking lots and pathways to recreation centers.

New automatic door-operators have been installed at the following recreation center locations:

  • Armatage
  • Brackett
  • Bryant Square
  • Luxton
  • Lynnhurst
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Pershing
  • Matthews
  • McRae
  • Morris
  • Webber

New exterior doors and new automatic door-operators will be installed by mid-June 2019 at the following recreation center locations:

  • Audubon
  • Corcoran
  • Creekview
  • Farview
  • Hiawatha School
  • Keewaydin
  • Lake Nokomis
  • Linden Hills
  • Longfellow
  • Phelps

This project is funded by the 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan (NPP20), a long-term initiative that reverses years of under-funding in neighborhood parks.

Project update: July 26, 2018 Accessibility improvements at various parks and recreation centers

The scope of this project has been reorganized and its timelines rescheduled, due to greater costs than were anticipated.

  • Parking lots and paths to recreation centers: Accessibility improvements are the focus for a project approved by the Park Board on July 25, 2018 at 11 neighborhood parks. Construction is expected to take place in September and October 2018 at the following parks: Audubon, Brackett, Folwell, Longfellow, Lynnhurst, North Commons, Pearl, Pershing, Powderhorn, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Van Cleve
  • Recreation center entryways: MPRB is preparing bid documents for accessibility improvements at the main entries for 25 recreation centers, with construction anticipated to begin in winter 2019.
  • Restrooms: MPRB staff and consultants are resolving cost, design and implementation questions related to accessibility improvements for restrooms. The questions relate to varying restroom configurations at park facilities; security; incorporation of family/all-gender design options along with accessibility improvements; and interior/exterior restroom access.

Project Announcement: June 16, 2017 Accessibility improvements at 42 park and recreation center locations

(Note: updated from original announcement on February 16, 2017)

This project will improve accessibility through key park and recreation center areas. It includes changes to park paths and access routes that run between parking lots and recreation centers, as well as exterior entryways and restrooms at recreation centers.

This is the first in a series of projects to improve accessibility at all neighborhood park sites and buildings, as part of MPRB’s Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Action Plan. It is funded by the 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan (NPP20).

2017-2018 Locations

  • North Minneapolis parks and recreation centers: Creekview, Farview, Folwell, Harrison, North Commons, North Commons Water Park, Webber
  • Northeast/southeast Minneapolis parks and recreation centers: Audubon, Bottineau, Logan, Luxton, Waite, Windom Northeast, Van Cleve
  • South Minneapolis parks and recreation centers: Brackett, Central Park Gym*, Corcoran, Coyle Community Center, East Phillips Cultural & Community Center, Hiawatha School, Keewaydin, Lake Hiawatha, Lake Nokomis Community Center, Longfellow, Matthews, McRae, Morris, Pearl, Peavey, Phelps Community Center, Powderhorn, Sibley
  • Southwest Minneapolis parks and recreation centers: Bryant Square, Kenwood, *Lyndale Farmstead, Lynnhurst, *Painter, Pershing, Whittier and Windom South.
  • Downtown Minneapolis parks and recreation centers: Elliott Park

* Accessibility improvements at these sites are included within a larger existing capital investment project, rather than a single rehabilitation project. This saves on project costs.