Project Update

June 15th, 2018

Bohanon Park Warming House/Restroom Building

  • HVAC improvements complete

Pearl Recreation Center

  • Replacement of furnace unit complete

Powderhorn Recreation Center

  • Replacement of heat exchangers on rooftop units complete

Chute Square – Historic Godfrey House

  • Replacement of two electric furnaces and associated AC units complete

Audubon, Corcoran Recreation Centers

  • Design in process for replacement systems and/or upgrades to the building management systems

Fuller and Matthews Recreation Centers

  • HVAC improvements scheduled for summer 2018

Van Cleve Recreation Center

  • Building management system upgrades on hold

Project: Repairs, replacements, and upgrades at 14 facilities
Announced: April 12, 2017

The work in this category was prioritized for 14 facilities with the oldest heating systems or those with a critical need for repair. In addition to repairs and replacements, work includes updates to a computer-based building management system (BMS) to improve energy efficiency, and the possible addition of air conditioning (AC) at three sites that have year-round Rec Plus childcare and preschool programming. 


Northeast/southeast Minneapolis

  • Audubon Recreation Center: replace six forced-air furnaces, upgrade BMS, consider adding AC
  • Chute Square – historic Godfrey House: replace two electric furnaces and associated AC units
  • Columbia Park – Northeast Service Center: replace four unit heaters
  • Van Cleve Recreation Center: upgrade BMS

North Minneapolis

  • Bohanon Park warming house: replace furnace that has cracked heat exchanger

South Minneapolis

  • Corcoran Recreation Center: replace four forced-air furnaces, consider AC
  • Matthews Recreation Center: replace two heating/AC roof top units
  • Pearl Recreation Center – Tiny Tots preschool room: replace furnace, consider AC
  • Powderhorn Recreation Center: replace heat exchangers on rooftop units

Southwest Minneapolis

  • Fuller Recreation Center: replace three forced air furnaces, upgrade BMS, consider AC
  • Lynnhurst Park warming house: replace two forced-air furnaces
  • South Side Operations Center – wash bay: replace industrial air-exchange unit
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