2019 Lighting Rehabilitation at Recreation Centers

Exterior lighting upgrades at Audubon and Bryant Square are scheduled to take place in the fall of 2019.

Repairs to exterior path lighting at East Phillips Park

Announced: June 26, 2019
Time frame: June – July, 2019

East Phillips Park in south Minneapolis: repair underground wiring to restore function for two pedestrian lights at the northwest corner of the park.

2018 Lighting Rehabilitation at Recreation Centers

Interior lighting upgrades (gyms or lobbies) at the following recreation centers:

  • Bottineau
  • Luxton
  • VanCleve
  • Webber

Exterior lighting upgrades (walkways, building soffits) at the following recreation centers:

  • Bryant Square
  • Fowell
  • Fuller
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Repairs, Replacements, Development of Lighting Standards

Announced: April 12, 2017
Time frame: May through December, 2017

This project includes replacements or repairs at five parks where lights are non-functioning or needed to improve safety, as well as upgrades for energy efficiency at various parks and the establishment of system-wide standards for lighting levels and light fixtures.


North Minneapolis

  • Folwell Park: replace missing path lights, upgrade path lights to energy-efficient LED fixtures, and repair underground wiring

South Minneapolis

  • Elliot Park: repair electrical feed to soccer field light
  • Pearl Park: replace path lighting
  • East Phillips Park: install path lighting where lighting previously existed

Southwest Minneapolis

  • Bryn Mawr Park: repair wiring for athletic field light

Various parks 

  • Install energy-efficient LED lights; repair underground wiring in parks throughout the system

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