Parks and trails are open!

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden person walking with hiking poles

While the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Boards’s recreation centers and programming buildings are closed, there’s still plenty to do outdoors!

Going outside to take a walk, ride a bike or just sit and breathe fresh air can be helpful during stressful times. If you are out with others or encounter others using the same amenities, please be mindful of social distancing and maintain a safe, appropriate distance.

The Minneapolis park system was planned so that nearly every resident can get to a park in about a 10-minute walk. You’re probably familiar with your neighborhood park – did you know Minneapolis has 161 of them, most with paved paths. Regional parks offer opportunities to explore the city’s lakes, creeks, river and natural areas: Scroll down to find one near you.

Pets are welcome – but they must be on a leash.

In early spring, many wildlife species are protecting their young, so keeping dogs leashed is especially important.

Off-leash dogs are welcome at MPRB’s seven dog parks – if their owner has a permit. Get details on off-leash dog-park permits and several options for purchasing them.

SnowdropsWhile you’re out, look for early spring plants emerging. MPRB gardening staff report that:

Magnolia buds (which resemble pussy willows) are beginning to swell.

Skunk cabbage may soon start to show up near near the Mississippi River in Minnehaha Regional Park.

Snowdrops (also known as galanthus, pictured here) are due for an appearance.

Regional parks, trails and parkways near you

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Northeast/Southeast Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis / U of M

South Minneapolis

Southwest Minneapolis

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