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6 am-midnight

Off-Leash Dog Park Permit

You need to buy a permit before you bring your dog(s) to an Off-Leash Dog Park.

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Off-Leash Dog Park Permit

You need to buy a permit before you bring your dog(s) to an Off-Leash Dog Park.

Your permit is valid at all seven dog parks.

Minneapolis residents must get a City of Minneapolis Pet License for each dog before applying for an Off-Leash Permit.

You must vaccinate your dog(s) for rabies before buying an Off-Leash Dog Park Permit.

Permit Fees

Annual Permit

Minneapolis Residents
$35 first dog
$25 each additional dog

Non-Minneapolis Residents
$60 first dog
$35 each additional dog

Daily Permit

$5 for each dog

You may also call or visit Park Board Headquarters to buy a permit.

Or, complete and submit a permit application [PDF] with payment by mail.


Off-Leash Dog Park Rules

Handlers must observe the following rules when inside Off-Leash Dog Parks (OLDPs).

  1. Handlers must individually leash their dogs except when inside a designated OLDP. 
  2. All handlers must possess an Off-Leash Dog Park Permit [PDF] for their dog(s).
  3. Off-leash dog parks are open during regular park hours of 6 am-10 pm.
  4. Dogs declared as dangerous animals under city code or potentially dangerous under state statutes may not use OLDPs.
  5. Dogs in heat may not use OLDPs. 
  6. No more than three dogs per handler permitted at one time.
  7. Handlers must have their dog(s) under control at all times and may not let their dog(s) out of sight.
  8. An attending adult must closely supervise all children.
  9. Handlers must leash dog(s) at the first sign of aggression or unruliness.
  10. Handlers must always clean up after their dog(s). 
  11. OLDPs are governed by Ordinance PB2-33 and City of Minneapolis Ordinances 64.50 and 64.55, . Handlers must observe all other ordinances, rules and regulations.

In the event of an emergency, aggressive dog or criminal activity, dial 911.

All reports about dog bites and attacks will be reviewed to determine whether the aggressive dog will be declared dangerous under state statue or city ordinance. If such a declaration is made, we will immediately revoke the off-leash permit.


Off Leash Dog Park Tips

  • Make sure your dog has a license, an off-leash permit, and all vaccinations.
  • Bring fresh water for your dog(s) to drink; Do not allow your dog to drink any standing water.
  • Extend common courtesy to all other dog park users.
  • Pick up after your dog and bring a spare dog bag to share.
  • Do not let dogs defecate in the Mississippi River.
  • Do not bring food or dog toys into off-leash dog parks as these items may create a conflict.
  • Do not bring glass containers into off-leash dog parks.