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Phone: 612-230-6540
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Current Phase: Research & Development

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has launched its own comprehensive planning process. Parks for All, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Comprehensive Plan, will be taking place through 2020 to set the priorities and policy direction for the next decade of Minneapolis Parks. This planning process will involve community, MPRB staff and commissioners in shaping the future direction of Minneapolis’ park and recreation system. Check out the Parks for All Story Map to learn more.

CAC Meeting #2 Summary

CAC #2 Agenda CAC #2 Presentation

Next Community Advisory Committee meeting scheduled February 6

Agenda includes a presentation and discussion on park innovations and a review of community engagement data for the project

First Parks for All Community Advisory Committee meeting held December 12

Parks for All” is the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s (MPRB) comprehensive planning process, which will set MPRB priorities and policy directions for the next decade. Parks for All began an exciting new phase on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, with the first Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting held from 6-8 pm at Mary Merrill MPRB […]

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Project Milestones

Spring 2019 – 2020
  • Internal and external engagement
  • General public and MPRB staff discuss ideas, values, concerns and desires for the future direction of MPRB
  • Establish Community Advisory Committee (CAC), Youth Design Team, Topic Workgroups, and Community Collaborators
Spring – Winter 2020
  • Development of draft document
  • Board approval and Public Comment period
  • Finalized Comprehensive Plan document and adoption by MPRB Board of Commissioners

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Past Meetings

Join the Conversation!

Share what you value and what your dreams are for Minneapolis parks:

  • Invite MPRB staff to attend a meeting or event in your neighborhood, organization, or community. Reach out the project manager at to share your ideas!
  • Participate in the Community Advisory Committee (applications released mid-April, 2019)
  • Come to a community meetings and events about the Comprehensive Plan (meetings will be posted on the project website as they are scheduled)
  • Sign up for project updates on the project website
  • Share your dreams in a Park Dream Box at your local MPRB rec center
  • Fill out the Dream Park Survey online
  • Apply to be a Community Collaborator [PDF]
  • Apply to be on the Youth Design team

Upcoming Meetings

Parks for All CAC Meeting #3

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board adopted its current Comprehensive Plan in 2007. A two-year long development process involving over 4,000 residents, visitors, elected officials and MPRB staff, set forth a new direction for the organization. Research and outreach conducted for this project, shed light onto changes that had occurred in the city in terms of demographic composition, health and recreational trends, among others. With these findings in mind, MPRB’s 2007 Comprehensive Plan defined vision themes for the organization that reflected MPRB’s values and defined the ways in which it would carry out its mission.
A process to create a new comprehensive plan for MPRB is underway. The MPRB 2020 Comprehensive Plan will provide policy guidance to the organization through the year 2027. This planning process is a two-year commitment launched in the winter of 2018 that  will involve commissioners, staff, and the public in shaping the future direction of Minneapolis’ outstanding park and recreation system.

The Parks for All Youth Design Team is a group of youth from across the City, who are working with MPRB staff, the Community Advisory Committee, Community-based organizations, artists and many others to help create the 2020 Minneapolis Park Comprehensive Plan. More specifically, the Youth Design Team positions are paid and a great opportunity for youth interested in policy and planning to gain applicable community engagement and career- building skills and experience by:

  • Assisting with community idea and input gathering;
  • Learning about the staff, history, agency, and systems that make up the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board;
  • Talking to youth and adults about how they use and want to improve parks through engagement in formal meetings and informal park events;
  • Making policy recommendations;
  • Working with staff at the MPRB to develop policy guidance for the agency

Here are the members of the Youth Design Team and a little about each of them!


Araya Pettiford-Jenkins

Age: 15 years

School/Grade: I’m going into the 10th grade at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka.

Favorite Park and Why I wanted to be a part of the Youth Design Team: My favorite park is Fairview because I practice for crew rowing there in the winter season, they also have a very welcoming staff.

Why you are excited to serve on the Youth Design Team and work on the Comprehensive Plan: I’m excited for the youth design team because I think that youth should get to decide what happens in the parks because we use them so much, I also want to see how policies are made and implemented at the MPRB.

Isabel Nelson

Age: 15 years

School/Grade: I am a sophomore at Roseville Area High School.

Favorite Park and Why I wanted to be a part of the Youth Design Team: My favorite Minneapolis park is Logan Park because I live very close to it, so I walk there almost every day and I really enjoy and appreciate it.

I am very excited to work on the Youth Design Team and with the Comprehensive Plan because it will be a great learning experience, and I am looking forward to working with and meeting new people.

Isa White-Mendez

Age: 14 years

School/Grade: I go to Roseville Area High School and I am going into my sophomore year.

Favorite Park and Why I wanted to be a part of the Youth Design Team: My favorite park is probably Logan and Cherokee Parks because they are really nice parks with lots of open space and I can walk to them from where I live.

Being part of the Youth Design Team, I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and love for the parks with other youth while working on the Youth Design Team as part of the Comprehensive Plan.

Will Sylvain

Age: 16 years

School/Grade: DeLasalle High School Sophomore.

Favorite Park and Why I wanted to be a part of the Youth Design Team: My favorite park is Windom Park in Northeast. I have grown up across the street from Windom and have always enjoyed spending time there. It is a place where I was always able to have fun when I was younger, and I understand now how lucky I was to have such a safe and accessible place to play.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Youth Design Team, and to able to assess the needs of the community and work with the team to make actual changes that will benefit everyone.

Davis Zeis

Age: 16 years

School/Grade: I attended Edison High School but this fall I will be a Freshmen at Minneapolis Community Technical College

Favorite Park and Why I wanted to be a part of the Youth Design Team: Jackson Square Park

I love animals and being out side and parks give a place for animals to live and for me to be in nature. I really enjoy our parks and hope to make them better for all people to enjoy and appreciate.

Genesis Figueroa

Age: 17 years old

School/Grade: I go to Washburn High School and I am in the 11th grade

Favorite Park and Why I wanted to be a part of the Youth Design Team: My favorite park is Bryant Square because that is the place I do most of my activities. I also enjoy being there with friends.

I’m excited to be part of this group because I get to learn new things and get to work with all the youth here.