2117 West River Road N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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Emergency or Service Requiring Response: 911
Non-Emergency: 612-348-2345
Phone: 612-230-6550
Fax: 612-230-6508

Phones answered year-round until patrol hours end.

Walk-In Service Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 am-5 pm
Holiday Schedule

Park Police Hours of Operation

7am – 1am

Park Police Teen Academy

The Minneapolis Park Police will have its Teen Academy on January 2 and 3, 2019. This academy is designed for youth 13–19 years of age, who have questions about law enforcement and may be considering a career in law enforcement.

To participate, please complete the Park Police Teen Academy application.

Since 1887, the Minneapolis Park Police Department has been the law enforcement authority of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB). Its primary responsibility is for crime prevention and policing in Minneapolis parks. Today, the department is comprised of the following positions:

  • More than 30 sworn and licensed Park Police Officers
  • More than 20 part-time Park Patrol Agents

Members of the Minneapolis Park Police Department serve under the direction of the Superintendent of Parks, who is appointed by Park Commissioners. Park Police Officers receive similar training, share support services, and work closely with the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). Although governed by separate elected officials, Park Police and MPD officers work together to prevent crimes, solve problems, and address illegal behavior. MPD officers have authority to patrol in parks. Park Police officers have authority to police throughout the city.

Each year, members of the Park Police Department respond to more than 13,000 calls for service and write more than 2,000 incident reports. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board takes pride in knowing that although 18 percent of the City of Minneapolis consists of parklands, only about two percent of crimes occur within parks.

Director of Park Safety and Security

The Director of Park Safety and Security (also referred to as the Park Police Chief) is the chief law enforcement officer and commander of the Park Police Department.

Park Police Lieutenants

Park Police Lieutenants are the next ranking supervisors. Currently, one lieutenant supervises patrol operations and one lieutenant supervises investigations. Lieutenants are charged with setting objectives and expectations, meeting with stakeholders, supervising sergeants, and shaping patrol and investigative responses within the park system.

Patrol Sergeants

Five Patrol Sergeants report to the Patrol Lieutenants. They are responsible for supervising daily activities and field operations. The Patrol Sergeants work collaboratively with departments across the organization on issues, projects, and problems.

Investigative Sergeants

Two Investigative Sergeants are charged with following up and investigating certain crimes that occur in parklands. In general, Park Police Investigators will follow-up on property crimes, violent crimes involving juveniles, and cases not otherwise assigned by the Minneapolis Police Department. Investigators from the MPD typically investigate complex cases, like death investigations and sex crimes.

Park Police Officers

Park Police Officers are licensed as peace officers by the State of Minnesota. They are responsible for patrolling parklands, responding to calls for service, enforcing laws and ordinances, working with and supporting MPRB field staff, and all other duties inherent to their mission. Park Police Officers are divided between two shifts (day-watch hours are 7am to 4pm and mid-watch hours are 4pm – 1am). Park Police Officers have policing authority across the City of Minneapolis, as well as in MPRB parklands located outside the city limits.

Park Patrol Agents

Park Patrol Agents are non-sworn, part-time employees who work across Minneapolis parks. Their duties include general patrol of the park system, particularly within the regional system (lakes and parkways) during the summer months – as well as parking enforcement, bike patrol, foot beats, administrative tasks, and staffing the station desk. Park Patrol Agents are authorized to write citations when they observe certain violations. Park Patrol Agents typically work full-time hours in June, July, and August and limited part-time hours the remainder of the year.

The Minneapolis Park Police Department is committed to ensuring safe parks, recreation centers, and recreation programs across Minneapolis. As the independent law enforcement agency governed by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB), our first priority is making sure that we support the mission of the MPRB, in part, “to provide places and recreational opportunities for all people to gather, celebrate, contemplate and engage in activities that promote health, well-being, community, and the environment.” To that end, we work closely with MPRB field staff, in every division, to ensure that crime and safety concerns are addressed holistically; safety is not merely the obligation of the Park Police – it is everyone’s responsibility. It is our sincere hope that all of your visits to the #1 urban park system in the country are safe. Although we work proactively and strive to prevent crime, if you encounter suspicious or illegal behavior, please call 911 immediately. If you have questions or general safety concerns, please contact us.


To ensure a park system that is safe for all to play, recreate, contemplate and celebrate.


The Minneapolis Park Police Department, in support of the mission and goals of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, is devoted to preserving and ensuring safe parks for all visitors and staff through fair and professional policing.


Members of the Minneapolis Park Police Department believe in public service and care about the needs of the community we serve.



Members of the Minneapolis Park Police Department are committed to developing and maintaining positive relationships with all communities, neighborhoods, and partners to proactively improve park safety and solve crime issues.


Members of the Minneapolis Park Police Department are dedicated to supporting the work of Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board staff so that services can safely and successfully be delivered.


Members of the Minneapolis Park Police Department are devoted to preserving and enhancing the legacy, resources, and excellence of the Minneapolis park system.

Should I call 911, even if it's not an "emergency"?

Yes. Anyone wishing to report suspicious or illegal behavior should call 911. Each 911 call is prioritized and will be dispatched in order of importance/priority.

When do the parks close?

Non-developed parks (meaning no artificial lighting, etc.) close at 10 pm. Developed parks (consisting of pathways, lighting, and other amenities) close at midnight (REF. PB2-33)

Is it okay to leave valuables in my car, even if I'm gone for just a few minutes?

No. Very often potential thieves are watching and waiting. If they notice that valuables are left in your parked car, they can often steal them within 60 seconds. Every effort should be made to leave valuables at home. Place this Vehicle Flyer [PDF] on your dashboard or on the inside of the passenger window to help deter thieves.

Can I drink alcohol in parks?

Alcohol consumption is not allowed in parks unless it is served at a MPRB eatery licensed to serve alcohol, or you have a special use permit. Occasionally, the MPRB provides permits for events or facilities to distribute alcohol. In those cases, alcohol may be consumed in designated areas (REF. PB2-17).

What is the speed limit on parkways?

The speed limit on parkways is 25 miles per hour.

What is the speed limit for bicycles on designated pathways?

The speed limit for bikes on MPRB pathways is 10 miles per hour (REF. PB7.5-10).

Do I need to leash my dog even if she/he is under voice command?

Yes. All dogs must be leashed when on park property unless they are within an authorized off-leash recreation area (commonly referred to as a dog park) (REF. PB2-18).

Do I need a permit to take pictures in the parks?

Where can I find Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board ordinances?

Who patrols the parks after Park Police hours of operation?

Minneapolis Police officers patrol parks (and respond to calls) between 1 am and 7 am.

How do I pay my parking ticket?

How do I file a complaint against a Park Police employee?

Concerns or questions about the conduct of Park Police employees should contact the on-duty supervisor at the Park Police phone number above, or fill out a Complaint Form [PDF].

Public Safety Partners

Minneapolis Police Department

Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office Minneapolis 311 Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (for water patrol and jail information) Hennepin County Attorney’s Office Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Division

Considering a Career in Law Enforcement?

The Minneapolis Park Police Department recruits Park Patrol Agents on a temporary basis each year between January and March.

Since 1887 the Park Police Department has been the primary law enforcement agency tasked with policing Minneapolis parks. The seven-member Advisory Council will meet monthly with MPRB personnel to discuss topics that are important to the MPRB and park patrons and to open two-way communication. The primary role of the Advisory Council is to become knowledgeable about policing, crime, and safety in Minneapolis parks; evaluate broad approaches to community safety, enforcement, and reconciliation; contribute to broad community engagement by acting as community, neighborhood, and stakeholder advocates; assist with ongoing communication to the public; provide reports to the Board of Commissioners; and make consensus recommendations regarding certain matters of policy and programs for review by the Park Police Chief and MPRB Superintendent. Check out the Park Police Advisory Council page.