1306 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Phone: 612-370-4942


Available By Reservation Only

Turf Season

March through August

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Group rentals are available for hockey, skating, soccer or lacrosse.

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Available for your convenience:

  • Locker Room
  • Off-Street Parking
  • Spectator Seating

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  • Hockey Rink
  • Ice Rink
  • Lacrosse Field
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Soccer Field

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All rentals are available year-round on an hourly basis to anyone interested. To reserve, review the contract reservation information, fill out, & send to

Reservation Request & Agreement Form [PDF]
Event Application Form [PDF]
Spring Summer Ice and Turf Procedures [PDF]

Apply for a permit to make a group reservation:
Open Skating Group Use Permit [PDF]

Main Rink - 200’ x 85’

Winter Rates (September 1 – Early March)

Prime (after 3:00 pm weekdays & weekends)
1 hour: $205 + tax

Non-Prime (before 3:00 pm weekdays)
1 hour: $175 + tax

Turf (Mid-March – August)
1 hour: $80 + tax

Rink Availability

Northeast Ice Arena
Northeast Ice Arena Schedule

Room Rental

Facility Use Permit Application [PDF]
Schedules and Procedures [PDF]

Open Skating

Adults and Youth: $3
Seniors: $2.75
Kids Under 5: Free
No Skate Rentals

Group Rates (10 or more)
Admission: $2
Skate Sharpening: $5

Adult Open Soccer

$5 per player

Size: 200 x 85 feet

Neighborhood: Logan Park

Service AreaNortheast

Commissioner District1

Name: The building was named for its location in northeast Minneapolis when it was acquired in 2006. It was originally called Edison Ice Arena for the Edison Youth Hockey Association, which built the arena to promote youth hockey in the Edison High School district.

Acquisition and Development

The facility was built by the Edison Youth Hockey Association (EYHA) to promote the development of players for the Edison High School hockey program. The arena was built for about $2.2 million in 1997. The City of Minneapolis provided the land for the building, EYHA raised about $800,000, another $400,000 in grants were secured, and the City of Minneapolis guaranteed a loan for slightly more than $1 million.

In 2004 the EYHA was in default on its payments on the loan primarily due to a decline in charitable gambling proceeds from pull tab operations. The EYHA and the City turned to the park board for a possible solution. The park board was operating the Parade Ice Garden profitably and identified economies of scale in adding another ice arena that could be managed from the Parade arena. At the time demand for ice time was expected to increase due to the closing of the nearest ice arena in Columbia Heights. The useful life of the arena, before major repairs would be needed, was estimated to be another fifteen years.

Ultimately the park board purchased the facility for the amount outstanding on the EYHA loan guaranteed by the city, or about $750,000, one-third of the original cost of the facility.