We've divided the city into different geographical areas for recreation services. Each service area applies resources to best meet the programming and service needs of the community it serves. 

Who to Contact

Click the location links below to contact staff directly for program information, or if you have individual park concerns.

Contact the appropriate manager listed below to discuss concerns within a specific service area.

North Service Area

Adam Lares, Manager
Phone: 612-499-3016
Email: alares@minneapolisparks.org

Recreation Centers:

Northeast/Southeast Service Area

Jerry Peterson, Manager
Phone: 612-499-9306

Recreation Centers:

Southwest Service Area

Upper Southwest Activity Guide

Lower Southwest Activity Guide

Leslie Vinson, Manager
Phone: 612-499-9308

Recreation Centers:

South Service Area

Upper South Activity Guide

Lower South Activity Guide

Paul Jaeger, Manager
Phone: 612-499-3014
Email: pajaeger@minneapolisparks.org

Recreation Centers:

Ann Heath, Manager
Phone: 612-499-3001
Email: aheath@minneapolisparks.org

Recreation Centers:

* Programming provided by outside organization

Service Areas Map