Swimming Lessons

We offer youth swim lessons for various ages and skill levels.

Pre-Level 1: Pre-Level 1 is an introduction swimming lessons for 3 to 5 year olds. Water adjustment and skills involving movement in the water will be taught along with skills for basic forms of swimming and appropriate water safety skills.

Level 1 and 2: Level 1 and 2 is swimming lessons for 4 to 7 year olds. This class is designed for students to learn fundamental swimming, stroke introduction, and water safety skills. Participants become familiar with the water environment and create a strong foundation to swimming and safety skills.

Level 3 and 4: In Level 3 and 4, students will increase swimming skills, further stroke development, and practice deep water safety. Students develop confidence in strokes and safety skills beyond earlier levels.

Adult beginner: Adult beginner is an introduction to swimming for adult non- swimmers. Water orientation and stroke skills involving movement in the water will be taught along with skills for basic swimming and water safety.  Students develop confidence in strokes and safety skills beyond earlier levels.

Parent Tot: A class for children ages 6 months to 4 years old, accompanied by a parent, and ready for fun in the water! Participates focus on water adjustment activities, acclimation, building a healthy relationship with water, and supported movements.


Creekview Recreation Center Pool

Call 612-230-6476 for more information.


Learn about Minneapolis lakes, the wildlife they support and the importance of water quality.

  • Canoes, paddles and life jackets provided
  • Firm limit of 12 people per canoe trip
  • Please bring your own drinking water

Call 612-313-7725 for more information.

Log Rolling

Log rolling is a sport with strong historical roots in the Midwest, but is new and unique to many.

  • Get your heart pumping, improve balance, agility, footwork, core strength, and build mental toughness and concentration
  • Four-week sessions for youth and adults
  • Taught by experienced and elite-level log rollers

Open Swim Club

Join us for a fun, sanctioned, and challenging event at Lake Nokomis Main Beach and Cedar Point Beach.

  • Swimmers ages 18 and older
  • Train on courses outside of buoyed swim areas during designated times under lifeguard supervision
  • Open swim course approximately 600 yards
  • Round trip approximately 1200 yards (0.75 mile)

See ordinance PB3-2 (swimming across lake) and ordinance PB2-15 (commercial activity)

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Lake Nokomis
June 13-Aug. 22 (No session July 4)
Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 pm

Free and open to the public

June 15-Aug. 24 
Thursdays 5:30-7:30 pm
Restricted to registered participants

June 18-Aug. 20 (No session August 13)
Sundays 9:30-11:30 am
Restricted to registered participants

Cedar Lake - Point Beach
June 19-Aug. 21
Mondays 5:30-7:30 pm
Restricted to registered participants

Download a schedule to print [JPG]

Sailing Lessons

Have fun learning the basics of sailing through our adult and youth sailing lessons.

  • Learn tacking, gybing, knots, wind, boat rigging, and docking
  • Skipper the boat and trim the sails of a Lido 14 foot sailboat equipped with both main and headsail
  • Lesson includes four classes and each sailboat will have one coach with up to three students
  • Life jackets provided
  • Lessons held regardless of weather conditions
  • Walk-on registrations permitted 20 minutes after the start of the first lesson if a registered sailor does not show

Youth Rowing

Learn to row for free on the Mississippi River in collaboration with the University of Minnesota women's rowing team.

  • Minneapolis residents ages 10-16
  • Limited number of free registrations for a one-week rowing camp
  • Hosted by current athletes and coaches
  • Camps are NOT overnight and participants must have transportation to and from the site each day

You can practice on the boathouse rowing machines and train in the rowing tank before training in the water with the barge. Finish with the real thing: rowing an eight-person shell.

Camp Location
East River Flats Park - University of Minnesota Boathouse

Lifeguard Class

This course provides the essential training necessary to work as a professional lifeguard. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive certifications in Lifeguarding/CPR for the Professional Rescuer/First Aid/AED.

Participants must attend all portions of the course to be eligible for certification. All participants must complete the pre-course swim test, which includes a 300-yard continuous swim and simulated water rescue requiring a surface dive to a depth of 7-10 feet. The purpose of the pre-course test is to ensure that the participant demonstrates comfort in the water, along with enough speed, strength and endurance to perform a combination of basic skills that are required and built upon throughout the course. No refunds will be given to those who do not successfully complete course.

  • Participants are eligible for Lifeguard Training Scholarship Program*
  • 15+ years of age are eligible to register.
  • Must successfully complete the pre-course swim skills.

*The Lifeguard Training Scholarship Program covers the full fee of the course. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the participant must agree to work for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board as a full-time lifeguard during the entire summer of 2017. The class will initially be paid in full by the participant at the cost of $200.00. The employee will sign a form that will tie them to the agreement to work 4 – 5 days per week/32 – 48 hours per week (less if inclement weather). Upon successful employment with the MPRB, the participant will receive a full reimbursement. 


Creekview Pool 
Creekview Recreation Center
5001 Humboldt Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55430

Water Fitness

This moderate aerobic workout will increase coordination, strength, and endurance by adding water resistance to movement. Due to water’s buoyant properties, the workout is easy on joints and provides a stable environment to work on fitness. The instructor will lead participants through movements such as walking, jogging, kicking, jumping jacks, and more!

  • Minneapolis residents $30 for 6 classes. $45 for non- residents.
  • All ages and abilities levels welcome.
  • Enjoy increased flexibility, stability, and gain endurance through a low impact workout. 


Creekview Pool 
Creekview Recreation Center
5001 Humboldt Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55430

Recreation Fee Assistance

Minneapolis residents who cannot afford instructional fees because of economic need may apply for fee assistance through the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Fee Assistance Program.

More Information

Email: aquatics@minneapolisparks.org

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