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The pool is closed for the season.

Daily Pool and Water Park Status

Know before you go: Check pool and water park closures
Pool closure times range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the types of repairs needed. 

Admission Rates

Daily Admission: Free
Lap Swim: $3 per day / $24 for 10 visits

Webber Natural Swimming Pool

Part of: Webber Park
Recreation Center: Webber Community Center

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Features & Amenities

Pool Facility Features

  • Zero depth entry for accessibility
  • Shallow pool (0 – 3’7” deep)
  • Open swim area (0 – 6’4” deep)
  • Jumping platform area (0 - 11’7” deep)
  • Lap swimming lanes (5’7” – 6’3” deep)
  • Pool House entry and restroom facility
  • Drinking fountain with water bottle filling station
  • Outside shower towers
  • Outside lockers
  • Grassy sun-bathing area

Good to Know

  • Capacity of up to 500 people                  
  • Certified lifeguards on duty
  • Free open swimming
  • Routine water testing
  • Lap Swim: 11:30 am–1 pm
    • Tuesday-Friday
    • $3 per day / $24 for 10 visits
    • During open pool time, lap swim is free
    • Register at rec center, pool house, or online 
  • Swim lessons: 11:30 am-12:10 pm and 12:15 pm-12:55 pm 
    • Tuesday-Friday
    • Multiple sessions June 20-August 19
    • $55 resident / $65 non-resident
    • Register at rec center, pool house, or online
    • Scholarships available

Keep it CLEAN, Keep it OPEN

  • Do not swim if you are sick.
  • Do not bring pets inside the pool area.
  • Do not bring food, beverages, tobacco or glass items inside the pool area.
  • Toddlers and babies must wear swim diapers.
  • Wear proper swim attire. Male swimwear must include a liner. Do not swim in athletic shorts or underwear.
  • Do not wear street shoes in the pool.
  • Shower before swimming.

The Webber Natural Swimming Pool mimics the natural cleaning mechanisms of a pond or lake and is not chlorinated.  Potentially sensitive populations such as the very young, elderly, pregnant women and the immunocompromised may have a greater health risk when using the Webber Natural Swimming Pool.

Park Rules & Tips

Water Park Rules

  • Swimmers must shower before entering the pool
  • No food, beverages, tobacco, pets or glass allowed in pool facility; no street shoes in pool
  • Toddlers and babies must wear swim diapers
  • Youth ages 9-12 must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older in the facility
  • Children younger than 8 years old must be supervised by an adult age 18 or older in the water 
  • We recommend a 1 adult to 4 children ratio for groups with children ages 12 and younger
  • Only United States Coast Guard approved lifejackets may be worn
  • Inflatable articles, balls, and water wings are not allowed
  • Horseplay, spitting, pushing, running, and any other unsafe behaviors are not allowed
  • During designated water safety breaks, all guests are required to exit the water
  • Staff has the right to remove any individuals in violation of Pool Rules or MPRB and City Ordinances
  • Obey staff and lifeguards at all times
  • Don’t swim if you have open sores or are sick
  • The pool will not open if the temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or below
  • Pool users are responsible for their personal items. The MPRB is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Dress Code

  • Appropriate swimwear helps keep the water clean and is important to the health and water safety of all users.
  • All boy's and men's swim suits must have a liner.

Fabrics Allowed:

  • Nylon
  • Lycra
  • Polyester
  • Silicone
  • Latex
  • Swim Diapers
  • White Cotton

Fabrics NOT Allowed:

  • Colored Cotton
  • Denim (Jeans)
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Corduroy
  • Undergarments
  • Disposable or Cloth Diapers

How NSP's Work

Webber Pool uses filters and plants, not chemicals, to cleanse the water

  • NSPs are living systems and do not use chemicals to treat the water; they function more like a stream, lake, or wetland
  • Webber’s regeneration basin near the pool holds approximately 7,000 aquatic plants rooted in layers of limestone and granite gravel                              

History of Natural Swimming Pools (NSP):

  • First private NSP, Austria, 1980s
  • First public NSP, Germany, 1998
  • Presently more than 20,000 public and private NSPs in Europe
  • Currently only private residential NSPs in North America

Construction of Webber Natural Swimming Pool 

  • Began in the fall of 2013
  • Construction completed in June 2015; however opened in late July weekends only because specialized aquatic robotic vacuums for maintaining pool did not work and new customized vacuums needed to be built
  • Pool opened six days a week on June 11, 2016.

Webber is larger than many European Natural Swimming Pools

  • Swimming pool is 21,000 sq. ft. (500,000 gallons water)
  • Regeneration basin is approximately 16,250 sq. ft.

Learn about the history of Webber Natural Swimming Pool [PDF]

How NSPs Work

  • Pool water flows through biological filters first before reaching the regeneration basin
  • Plants and gravel layers in regeneration basin help cleanse the water
  • Fresh water is pumped back into pool
  • Entire volume of pool water recycled every 12 hours
  • Regeneration basin offers valuable habitat for frogs, turtles and other wildlife
  • Number of swimmers each day has a direct impact on ability of the plants to cleanse the water  
  • In addition to the filters and plants, the pool is vacuumed daily


Rentals & Permits

Group Use Permit: Apply for a permit to reserve a spot for up to 70 people; Fridays only. Application [PDF]

Water Quality

Upper Pool



Lower Pool



The Webber Natural Swimming Pool is the first public natural swimming pool (NSP) in North America to have a natural filtration system that will use filters and plants in a nearby pond rather than chemicals to treat the water.

Webber Pool consists of two swimming areas (upper and lower pools) and a regeneration basin. NSPs are living systems and do not use chemicals to treat the water; they function more like a stream, lake, or wetland. Webber’s regeneration basin near the pool holds approximately 7,000 aquatic plants rooted in layers of limestone and granite gravel.       

Minneapolis Park Board staff monitors water in the Upper pool, Lower pool, and Regeneration Basin for E. coli, Enterococci, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria at minimum on Monday morning of each week of the official swimming season. Additional sampling is performed on Wednesday and Thursday if needed.

Webber Pool will be held to a combination of current German natural pool standards for E. coli, Enterococci, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria and EPA beach standards.  If a combination of those standards is not met, the pool will close until further testing reveals that levels are within the standards.

What does the E. coli level mean?

What does the Enterococci level mean?

What does the Pseudomonas aeruginosa level mean?

What are potential sources of bacteria to Webber Pool?

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