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Monday-Sunday & Holidays

Times vary depending on event type.

Columbia Manor

Part of: Columbia Golf Club

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Columbia Manor, within Columbia Golf Club, was built in 1925 in the Colonial Revival style. The interior of the Manor retains a great deal of historic integrity, especially on the main floor Foyer and in the Great Room.

The Great Room shows influences of the Post-Medieval English style, characterized by exposed heavy timber framing and high peaked ceilings common in Colonial Revival architecture. The original light fixtures add to the ambiance of the Great Room with high Palladian style windows letting in ample amounts of natural light. With such beautiful surroundings, an event at Columbia Manor will be unforgettable.

Features & Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Chairs
  • Decorative wrought iron railings
  • Fireplace
  • Original light fixtures
  • Tables
  • Vintage Woodwork

Columbia Manor Venue Information [PDF]

Good to Know

Available for rental year-round

Chairs and tables included in facility rate

Indoor facility guarantees protection from all types of weather

Option to hold ceremony and reception

Events at Columbia Manor Reception Hall


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my booked time included set up and take down?

Yes, all set up and take down must be completed in the time booked.

Is there a kitchen available?

No, there is no kitchen available.

- Can I set up a tent/canopy?

No, there are no tents or canopies allowed for setup.

Can I have a tour/rehearsal?

Yes. Tours must be scheduled between the customer and golf course manager. Rehearsals are not guaranteed.

Can I serve alcohol?

Yes, all alcohol must be contracted through a MPRB approved caterer. A Police Officer must be hired to be on-site during the time of serving alcohol, plus one hour after closing.

Can I serve food?

Yes, all food services must be contracted through a MPRB approved caterer.

Are tables and chairs included?

Yes, supplies are based on fire code capacity. Rental of additional items are available through MPRB approved caterers and party rentals. (This is not included in the MPRB fees)

Do I have access to electricity?

Yes, only inside facility.

Is the fireplace operational?

Yes, customer must provide own wood for burning and tend to the fire needs. This requires additional permission.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed inside the facility (except for service dogs).

Can I decorate?

Yes – Note, flame candles must be in a votive. No balloons, tape, tacks, nails or any items that may impact the facility

Can I change the date/time of my permit once approved?

Yes, if application has been approved and location booked, change in date and time is subject to additional fees. Change in date and time requires at least 30 days notice from date of original event.

What type of fees can I expect for a permit?

Fees vary depending on event: Facility Rental Fee, Service Fee, Ceremony Fee, Damage Deposit Fee, Police Office Fee, Administrative Fee (permit changes/modifications).

If application is approved, when is payment due?

Facility Rental Fee and Damage Deposit is required at time of application approval. If applicable, Ceremony and Police Officer Fee required sixty days (60) prior to event date.

Can I have a ceremony?

Yes, additional fee(s) may be applied.

What is the cancellations/refund policy?

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board has a “No Refunds Policy”.

Permit Application

You will need to apply for a permit to reserve this location for your indoor wedding, reception or other event. We accept applications for reservations as far out as the end of the following calendar year on a first paid, first served basis.

Permit Application Process

  1. Download and review the appropriate application: Wedding Ceremony Application [PDF] Receptions & Events Application [PDF]
  2. Complete and submit your permit
    Mail or In Person:
    Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
    Wedding Permits
    2117 West River Road N
    Minneapolis, MN 55411Fax: 612-230-6504
  3. If available, we will reserve the site for your preferred date and time
  4. We will contact you to discuss your application and to arrange payment
  5. Upon receipt of payment we will issue your permit



Monday-Thursday: $300 plus tax
Friday: $725 plus tax
Saturday & Holidays: $1050 plus tax*
Sunday: $575 plus tax
Service Fee: $250 plus tax

Additional Ceremony Fee

$525 plus tax

*Time-and-a-half Officer and Attendant Fees will apply for all Holidays.

Ceremonies are allowed when booked with a reception at this location.

Ceremony Setup Options

  • Chairs (included in rate)
  • Tables (included in rate)
Floor Plan [PDF]

Preferred Vendors

Other wedding extras are available to rent for an additional fee through our preferred party rental vendors.


Contact: Audra Magel
Phone: 763-682-4846


Contact: Karla Vitez
Phone: 952-903-4241

Linen Effects

Contact: Emily James or Russ Mohr
Phone: 612-355-2500


Ceremony Guidelines

  • Ceremony Permits are required and issued for either three or six hours, including setup, rehearsal, photos, etc.
  • Ceremony Permits guarantee that no other ceremony or event is scheduled at the same time in the same location. A permit does not guarantee exclusive use of a park area for a private event. Other park visitors may still use the park, but are usually considerate of permit holders’ needs and move out of the immediate area. On-site event attendants assist.
  • Battery powered amplification systems are allowed only in specified areas (no electricity available). Amplification systems are limited to microphones, CDs and iPod/MP3 players. Permit holders must rent amplification equipment from one of our preferred vendors.
  • We only allow chairs in specified areas. Permit holders must rent chairs from one of our preferred vendors.
  • Flowers or any other vegetation may not be moved, cut or removed from any park in the Minneapolis Park System. (Park Board Ordinance 2.2).
  • Littering is not permitted. Rice, confetti or birdseed is not permitted. Any flower boxes or other rubbish must be disposed of properly by the permit holder. Frequently, there are numerous weddings scheduled consecutively at the same park area in one day. Clean up should not be left to the next group, neighborhood residents or the park keeper.
  • Tents or canopies are allowed only in specified areas, and require a six-hour permit. Permit holders must rent tents or canopies from one of our preferred vendors.
  • We allow held chuppahs or chuppahs that rest on the ground surface. We do not allow staking or pounding due to potential damage to underground security, electric and irrigation systems.
  • Alcohol is not permitted. Ceremonies which normally use wine must substitute with a non-alcoholic beverage.

The Great Room measures 2170 square feet and seats approximately 144 guests in round tables of 8. The Western Porch measures 930 square feet and seats approximately 72 guests in round tables of 8 or 125 chairs.

The North Porch has heat and air conditioning available; Western Porch does not have air conditioning.

Setup Options

  • Chairs (included in rate)
  • Tables (included in rate)
Floor Plan [PDF]

Approved Caterers

Various menu options and event services available for an additional fee through our approved caterers.

Reception & Event Guidelines at Columbia Manor

  1. Facility Rental Fee must be paid in full when rental agreement is signed.
  2. Client agrees that the facility rental fee is nonrefundable and will not be returned if the event cancels for any reason.
  3. Client agrees that there will be a $150.00 reset fee for changes made to floor plans or guest counts within 72 hours of the date of the event.
  4. Decorating Restrictions… Helium balloons are not allowed. Glitter, confetti or rice may not be thrown or used. No tape on the floor or on any wood frames. No decorations are to be hung from or above the ceiling beams. No thumbtacks or staples are to be used. No candles that may drip wax on hardwood floor. All decorations must be removed on date of event.
  5. Client agrees to begin and conclude event on time. The client will be charged for any additional labor fees incurred by client’s failure to comply with set schedule.
  6. Facility will be open for deliveries (2) hours prior to the start of the event. Other arrangements can be made for an additional fee.
  7. Music must end by 11:45 p.m.
  8. Bar must close by 12:00 a.m. Last call is at 11:30 p.m.
  9. Event must end and guests must vacate by 1:00 a.m.
  10. There will be an hourly clean-up fee of $150.00 per hour for events where extra cleanup time is needed (events that need more than one hour for take-down and clean-up)
  11. If intoxicating beverages are served, the Exclusive Alcohol Vendor reserves the right to request the client to pay for a sworn officer. This fee is payable to the MPRB selected to provide intoxicating beverages.
  12. In addition to the Facility Rental Fee, Columbia Manor requires a $150.00 security deposit to be paid when the contract is signed. The deposit is refundable if the Manor does not incur damage to its building or grounds or excessive cleanup costs caused by the client or their guests.
  13. Preferred Vendors approved by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board must cater all food and non-intoxicating beverages. This information is available from our Event Consultant. Clients may not bring in outside food or beverages.
  14. The Exclusive Alcohol Vendor approved by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board must supply all intoxicating beverages. This information is available from our Event Consultant. The Exclusive Alcohol Vendor holds the liquor license for Columbia Manor. By law, all beverages containing alcohol must be purchased and coordinated through this Vendor. Guests may not bring in their own intoxicating beverages.
  15. No client shall allow any gambling or gambling devices on the premises.
  16. Please Note: There may be additional fees associated with having your event at Columbia Manor. We require all food and beverage vendors to pay an additional fee for food and beverages. These charges may be passed on to you and payable to the vendor selected for your event. Please inquire about these charges from the vendor you select for your event.
  17. Please Note: The north large porch has heat and air conditioning available.