Deadline extended! Apply by Thursday, June 20 to serve on the “Parks for All” Community Advisory Committee

Help set the vision for Minneapolis Parks over the next decade! Apply to serve on the CAC for Parks for All: MPRB Comprehensive Plan 2021 by June 20

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) just launched “Parks for All,” a new comprehensive planning process that will set its priorities and policy direction for the next decade.

Parks for All will engage Minneapolis residents and park users, along with MPRB staff and commissioners, over the next two years to shape the future direction of Minneapolis’ park and recreation system.

The Parks for All Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will have a big influence on the comprehensive plan process and policy directions, so if you are passionate about parks and recreation in Minneapolis, please apply to serve on the CAC by Thursday, June 20!

Lots more details about Parks for All and the role of CACs can be found below.

Parks for All CAC Application [PDF]

What is Parks for All?

The last MPRB Comprehensive Plan was approved in 2007 and set a vision through 2020. Parks for All is the next MPRB Comprehensive Plan, which will guide the Minneapolis park and recreation system for the next decade.

The MPRB Comprehensive Plan guides everything done by the MPRB. It articulates why the MPRB exists, identifies how the MPRB performs its work, and describes what the MPRB hopes to become.

Parks for All is separate from the recent City of Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. It solely covers the Minneapolis park and recreation system. It will build off other recent MPRB plans including service area master plans for neighborhood parks, master plans for regional parks and other plans and policies that have been developed by MPRB in recent years with community input.

What is a Community Advisory Committee (CAC)?

MPRB Community Advisory Committees provide volunteer opportunities for stakeholders to share insight and resources and serve to build and sustain relationships between the community and the MPRB. Members of the CAC are expected to represent the views of park users and to work collaboratively with each other and the public to provide advice to the Board about the project.

Responsibilities of CAC members include:

  • Become knowledgeable about the MPRB Comprehensive Plan and process,
  • Understand and represent the park and recreation needs of the community and park visitors,
  • Act as community liaisons for the project,
  • Help identify communities, organizations, user groups, populations and others that should be consulted in the engagement process,
  • Provide feedback on a draft plan,
  • Help identify values, strengths and needs within the Minneapolis Park system and within their communities,
  • Provide insight on the long-term policy direction of MPRB,
  • Report back to appointers or appointing bodies, as requested, on the plan process, information presented, and possible recommendations, and
  • Engage in working groups and subcommittees as needed.

CAC members are expected to attend and participate in public CAC meetings and a Parks for All Summit.

MPRB Promise

The MPRB will work with the CAC and stakeholders for advice and innovation in formulating solutions and will incorporate suggestions on the process and plan to the maximum extent possible. Transportation and childcare reimbursements are available upon request for public meeting attendance.

Time Commitment

The total time commitment for CAC members is estimated at 25-40 hours total. The majority of meetings will likely occur on weekday evenings and weekends every other month from July 2019 through September 2020. The CAC will have between 5-7 official CAC meetings of about two hours each.

Appointment Process

All completed CAC applications will be forwarded to all the appointers. The CAC appointers include MPRB Commissioners and a selection committee comprised of MPRB staff and community representatives. Applicants may be contacted directly by an appointer to discuss the project and interest.

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