Project Location

Sheridan Memorial Park
1300 Water Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Project Manager

Crystal Passi
Phone: 612-230-6455

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Sheridan Memorial Park Grand Opening event postponed due to weather

Grand Opening event postponed until next spring, but in the meantime please enjoy the park on a nicer day

Join us at the Sheridan Memorial Park Improvements Grand Opening on October 5!

A whole bunch of family-friendly activities are planned for the party, which takes place at the park from 10:30 am-1 pm

Save the Date: Grand Opening Celebration scheduled October 5

Major park improvement project includes new playground, picnic shelter, basketball court and playable art

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January-May 2016

  • Archeological investigation and assessment
  • Determination of Area of Potential Effect  – historic preservation investigation and report

May-October 2016

  • Meetings with neighborhood organizations
  • Community outreach at various warm weather events

September 2016

  • Apply for Environmental Response Fund to clean up project site’s contaminated soils

November 2016

  • Application to Art in Public Places Program for playable art

December 2016–March 2017

  • Community Engagement Plan submitted to MPRB Board of Commissioners
  • ERF grant awarded by Hennepin County to clean up contaminated soils
  • Sheridan not selected for Art in Public Places Program
  • Selection of design and engineering team and contract approval by Board
  • Community engagement schedule finalized
  • Pre-application meeting with City Zoning and Planning

March-June 2017

  • Community engagement meetings and workshops

July 2017

  • Public hearing for concept approval (tentatively 7/19)

July-September 2017

  • Full Board – concept approval (tentatively 8/9)
  • Preparation of construction drawings and specifications
  • Agency reviews and permit applications

January-August 2018

  • Bid
  • Bid review and award
  • Contract  preparation

October 2018-June 2019

  • Construction

July 2019

  • Grand Opening

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Preferred Concept and Site Context [PDF]

Past Meetings

April 8, 2017 – Public Meeting #1 Summary

Upcoming Meetings

Project History and Background:

Sheridan Memorial Park is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River in northeast Minneapolis and is part of the Above the Falls Regional Park.  The park has an irregular shape and narrows considerably at its north end. Bounded the Broadway Avenue Bridge on the south, the east side of the park is defined by abandoned railroad tracks, Water Street, and a former warehouse with a large undefined parking lot. The warehouse and former Grainbelt buildings are contributing properties to the Minneapolis Brewing Company Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The north edge of the park terminates at the BNSF railroad tracks, an active line.  13th Avenue NE provides access to the park at its southeast corner. Another street, 14th Avenue NE, dead-ends at the (abandoned) railroad corridor at the midpoint of the park.

Acquisition for Sheridan Memorial Park has been on-going over the two decades; most recently the track easement along the eastern edge of the park was purchased from BNSF railroad by adjacent landowners including the MPRB and City of Minneapolis.  Minneapolis CPED (Community Planning and Economic Development) is in the process of preparing a Request for Proposal for development of the property east of Water Street which may ultimately affect park boundaries.  Past private development proposals have been stymied by market conditions, the high water table, and the Xcel transmission lines running through the area.  A 75 foot wide Xcel easement for the transmission lines poses some limits for recreational facilities in the park.  As with many parcels along the river, Sheridan Memorial Park is a former industrial site and many of its soils are contaminated.

As a regional park, Above the Falls receives its funding for acquisition and development from the State of Minnesota through the Metropolitan (Met) Council.  Met Council requires that “recreation activities and facilities be tied to the natural resources of the parks, but not adversely affect them”.  Met Council will only improve or expand facilities for certain activities that it considers appropriate for a regional system such as boating, horseback riding, bicycling, nature appreciation, camping, picnicking, cultural or historic interpretation, etc. Athletic fields and courts are not approved facilities in a regional park and state funds cannot be used to develop or maintain these facilities.

Existing development in the park includes the Sheridan Veterans Memorial (2014) and the multi-use Mississippi East Bank Trail (2016).

The Sheridan neighborhood regards SMP as its neighborhood park.  The Sheridan Neighborhood Organization has committed thousands of dollars in funds and many volunteers to help plan and construct past improvements in the park.  The Bottineau and St Anthony West neighborhoods are also interested in the park.

In late 2014 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) staff applied for a grant from the National Park Service for Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership project and was selected to receive a $500,000 grant, requiring a 100% local match.  The project scope defined by the grant is specific: “construct a playground, picnic shelter with restrooms and maintenance facilities, a multi-purpose/flexible use field, path connections to the river and to the regional trail network and an environmentally restored river front”.  This grant expires on December 31, 2018. The federal grant is matched by $1 million in Minnesota Parks and Trails Legacy Funding (administered by Met Council).

The project is located within the City of Minneapolis Shoreland Overlay District and as such will require Conditional Use Permits from the City of Minneapolis.  In addition, the State Historic Preservation Office and Heritage Preservation Commission will review the project design to insure that it does not have an adverse effect on the  adjacent Minneapolis Brewing Company Historic District.

Park History

Park History [PDF] – Page 342