Survey confirms broad public support of the Minneapolis park system with 91 percent positive approval

A city-wide survey conducted by The Morris Leatherman Company confirms the broad support the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has from its residents and its pivotal role in the city’s quality of life. The survey report was presented at the October 2, 2019 meeting of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board of Commissioners.

The survey found that 91 percent of those polled rated city parks as good or excellent. According to Morris Leatherman, that is among the highest ratings of a park system over the past three years in the Twin Cities area.

The survey queried Minneapolis residents on their general impressions of the Park System. Notable results in the presentation are:

  • 91 percent favorably rate the overall impression of the MPRB.
  • 89 percent of respondents who have visited recreation centers in the past two years for recreation purposes rate their quality as excellent or good.
  • 98 percent of those using programs inside the recreation center rate them as excellent or good.
  • 93 percent of those using programs outside the recreation center rate them as excellent or good.
  • 96 percent feel that existing park and recreation facilities meet the needs of households.
  • 95 percent rate after school programs as important current services, with the next three highest current service levels ratings being youth non-sports programs at 95 percent, youth sports programs at 93 percent, and community events at 91 percent
  • 97 percent support more financial investment from MPRB for elementary and middle school children
  • 81 percent favorably rate the quality, overall appearance and maintenance of the MPRB.
  • 88 percent favorably rate tree maintenance in parks; 86 percent for boulevard tree maintenance
  • 81 percent favorably rate snow removal on sidewalks; 79 percent for snow removal on trails


Copies of the following are available online