Commemorate significant people and note-worthy events with a tribute tree or bench within the park system. A tribute bench or tree provides lasting recognition of the significant people and occasions in your life while supporting the Minneapolis parks.

MPRB Tribute Options:

  • New Bench
  • Refurbished Bench
  • New Tree


Phone: 612-499-3003

The MPRB Tribute Tree Program allows you to have a tree planted in the park of your choice, providing lasting recognition of the significant people or occasions in your life.


$500 for the life of the tree. Trees are guaranteed for five years from the date of planting. If tree fails to thrive, it will be replaced the next appropriate planting season at no additional cost to the donor. The Tribute Tree Band will be replaced up to three times if it is stolen or damaged.

A Meaningful Location

Work with MPRB staff to find the perfect spot and tree variety.

Planting Seasons

Spring: Mid April-early June
Tree requests must be received by October 1 of the preceding year for spring planting. 

Fall: Mid September-early November
Tree requests must be received by June 1 for fall planting.

Yours To Keep

Donors will receive a Memorial Tree certificate suitable for framing.

Request A Tribute Tree

Memorial Request Form

A tribute bench is a great way to connect to your favorite place in the parks, celebrate a milestone or honor someone special.

New Benches

10 Year Term – $5000

New bench refers to the installation of a bench within a park where none existed before. We will make all decisions regarding placement of new benches. New bench placements coincide with master plans or renovation of parks to ensure that they will be in place for many years to come. 

Location options for new benches:

Refurbished Benches

10 Year Term – $2500

Refurbished bench refers to the renewal of an existing park bench. In most cases, this entails replacing wooden slats. The donor may select a bench from the existing undedicated park benches. Refurbished benches are available in all parks with the exception of Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska. 

There are no current opportunities for new or refurbished benches at Bde Maka Ska or Lake Harriet.

Bench Design

Memorial benches have a standard design (pictured). On occasion, the bench design may differ if it is a newly installed bench as part of a park redesign or planning project.

Installation Season

Benches and plaques are installed between April and October.

Bench Terms

The guaranteed term of a tribute bench is ten years. Bench installation and maintenance will be handled by MPRB. After ten years, the donor will be given the first right of refusal to renew the bench contract. The renewal fee will be based on the fee that is current on the day of renewal.


Both bench options come with a tribute plaque. Plaque location (bench-mounted or cement pad-mounted) will be determined by the MPRB. 

Yours To Keep

Donors will receive a tribute bench certificate suitable for framing.

Request A Tribute Bench

Memorial Request Form

Are there other amenities available for adoption?

At this time, benches and trees are the only amenities available for adoption through the MPRB. We have two partner agencies who have other programs in the Minneapolis Parks. Please visit People For Parks for information about their bench and paver program at the Lake Harriet Band Shell, or Friends of Loring Park for information about their bench, tree and paver program in Loring Park.

May I decorate my tribute or tree to honor a special occasion?

For the safety and consideration of all park users, trees and benches cannot be decorated. We will remove and dispose of any decorations.

What happens to my tribute tree or bench if there is construction in the park?

We reserve the right to remove and/or relocate park benches or trees when they interfere with site safety, maintenance or construction activities. We will attempt to notify you of any action that needs to be taken. In the event a bench must be permanently removed, we will work with you to seek an alternative location.

May I ask interested donors at a loved one’s funeral to send donations to the MPRB for a tribute?

We will not accept partial payments for tributes. If you plan to use the MPRB Tribute program as an option for honoring a loved one, we recommend collecting the donations for submission at one time. We must receive the complete payment for the tribute item before the commencement of any work.

May I request a different style bench?

Because we have design standards for benches throughout our system, we will choose a bench design which meets the standards for the location.

May I select a different park for a bench location?

All new benches will align with Planning projects and available bench pads. There are no current available spaces at Bde Maka Ska or Lake Harriet.

Do you have a waiting list for popular tribute bench locations?

We do not keep a waiting list for tribute benches.

What species of tree will be planted?

Tree species will depend on park – we will help you to identify a tree suitable for that area. The exact location within the park is at the discretion of MPRB staff and is based on park usage and maintenance.

How big will the newly planted tree be?

The size depends on tree species. Typically trees are between 8 and 12 feet tall and about two inches in diameter.