Appointments Overview

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board of Commissioners appoints community members to ongoing advisory board commission appointments within Minneapolis. Members of these committees advise park Board Commissioners and other agencies on a wide variety of subjects by making recommendation on important policy matters. Residents of Minneapolis can apply and volunteer to serve on a committee by completing the below application.

Please note that completed applications and additional application material that you provide may be subject to public information.  The Park Board greatly values the contributions of volunteers and is committed to identifying and recruiting the best candidates to serve the community/park and recreation system. The mission, responsibilities and time commitments for each committee vary.

Many MPRB projects are influenced by an Advisory Committee made up of Minneapolis residents, park users and other affected stakeholders. Check below for a list of projects currently accepting applications to serve on an advisory committee and apply today to help shape the parks in your community!

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A complete description of each committee can be found below:

Park Police Advisory Council

Since 1887 the Park Police Department has been the primary law enforcement agency tasked with policing Minneapolis parks. The newly formed six-member Advisory Council will meet monthly with MPRB personnel to discuss topics that are important to the MPRB and park patrons and to open two-way communication.The primary role of the Advisory Council is to become knowledgeable about policing, crime, and safety in Minneapolis parks; evaluate broad approaches to community safety, enforcement, and reconciliation; contribute to broad community engagement by acting as community, neighborhood, and stakeholder advocates; assist with ongoing communication to the public; provide reports to the Board of Commissioners; and make consensus recommendations regarding certain matters of policy and programs for review by the Park Police Chief and MPRB Superintendent.

Advisory Council members must:

  • Live in the City of Minneapolis
  • Commit to a two-year term
  • Attend monthly evening meetings
  • Embrace the MPRB guiding statements for racial equity, gender inclusion and universal access
  • Be willing and eager to participate in challenging and meaningful conversation
  • Act as a bridge between the community and Park Police Department
  • Work collaboratively to enhance relationships between Park Police and the community, specifically with underrepresented residents and patrons.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Board

The Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Board provides interpretive resources for the public within the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Zone encircling the Minneapolis central riverfront, an area rich in natural, scenic, recreational and historic elements.

The board consists of 22 members including representatives from the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Hennepin County, Minnesota Historical Society, Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission, State Historic Preservation Office, Minnesota State Legislature, and Hennepin History Museum.

  • The board meets three times a year on Mondays.
  • Term limits are not imposed when serving on this board.


Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission

The Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission (MTAC) was created in March 2004 by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to enhance the Minneapolis urban forest and improve its long-term health. MTAC initial goals: to coordinate issues related to trees across city jurisdictions; to evaluate issues related to trees and report annually to the MPRB and City Council and to coordinate fiscal resources and explore new ways to acquire funds to increase support for urban forest establishment and management.

Board members are comprised of: an MPRB Commissioner, an MPRB Director of Forestry, an MPRB Environmental Stewardship Assistant Superintendent, a Minneapolis City Council Member or designee, a Minneapolis Mayor or designee, a member of the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee; a representative from the University of Minnesota Urban Forestry division; a Minneapolis developer; and a liaison from the Minneapolis Public Works Department; and four citizen representatives (SW quadrant, North quadrant, NE quadrant, SE quadrant).

  • The MTAC meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at 5:30 pm at the MPRB headquarters.


Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee

The role of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) is to promote both commuter and recreational bicycling, to advocate for bicycling infrastructure improvements, to encourage safe riding, and to involve people interested in bicycling issues throughout the city. The BAC functions as an advisory committee to the Mayor and City Council as well as the Park Board and serves as a liaison to bicyclists, businesses, neighborhoods, and other communities and agencies.

BAC membership consists of appointees from each ward, three at-large parks board appointees and voting members representing the City Council, City departments and partner organizations such as Minneapolis Public Schools, Metro Transit and MnDOT. All BAC Meetings are open to the public.

The BAC meets the 4th Wednesday of each month from 4–6 pm.  The BAC has two subcommittees that meet regularly:

  • Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Equity, and Evaluation Subcommittee meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 4–6 pm
  • Engineering Subcommittee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 4-6 pm.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Pesticide Advisory Committee

Research viable alternatives to glyphosate and to assist and advise the MPRB in transitioning towards pesticide free resource management alternatives and report back to the Board of Commissioners with an initial set of recommended practices and potential modifications to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Integrated Pest Management Plan.

Initially, a total of eight (8), bi-monthly meetings starting Wednesday, December 12th and meeting bi-monthly December through March with the subsequent meetings planned at the first December 12th meeting to accommodate committee member schedules. Meetings will be two-hours and there may be limited additional work outside of meeting hours. Meetings will be held at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Headquarters. Meeting times to be determined by the committee. Frequency of meetings throughout the two-year commitment will be determined during the initial eight meetings.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Racial Equity Advisory Committee

The Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee was established by Resolution 2017R-499, to serve as an advisory board to the City Council, Mayor and City Departments on City policies, practices, budget and other matters that it determines to be appropriate, related to addressing racism and racial inequities and promoting racial justice and racial equity in the City enterprise and in the City as a whole.

The Committee will advise the Racial Equity Steering Committee on the creation and implementation of the Racial Equity Action Plan and provide an annual evaluation report to the community on the City’s progress addressing racial inequities and closing racial disparities.

The committee is comprised of 17 voting members. At least one member from each of the 13 wards are appointed by the City Council and two members are appointed by the Mayor, with one seat available to a person appointed by the Minneapolis School Board and one by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, with a priority on racial balance. Members serve two-year terms. There is a residency requirement unless waived by the City Council.

Meetings are held in room 317 City Hall unless otherwise agreed upon by the Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee membership. Meetings shall be open to the public, subject to the requirements of the Minnesota Open Meeting Law. Meeting locations are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC)

Representatives of Minneapolis neighborhood and cultural communities sit on the Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC), and advise the Mayor and City Council on a wide range of community engagement issues. The NCEC is responsible for developing guidelines for the City’s principle neighborhood funding program, the Community Participation Program.

The Commission also works to broaden participation on advisory boards and commissions, develops recommendations for improving the City’s public participation process, and reviews the business plan for the Neighborhood and Community Relations Department.

Eight of the 16 NCEC Commissioners are appointed through the open appointments process with the remaining members elected by Minneapolis neighborhood organizations.

  • The NCEC meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday from 5–7 pm at various locations around the city.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

HomeGrown Mpls Food Council

The Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council is an advisory group that convenes and engages diverse stakeholders to identify and propose innovative solutions to improve the local food system.

Council members engage in monthly meetings held at various locations throughout Minneapolis.  You will contribute to working groups that address current food system issues.  Current groups include food donations, food policy event planning, land access for urban ag/parks and food, local food business innovation and local food procurement.

  • The Council meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7:30 pm.
  • Members can serve two-year terms.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The mission of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee is to advise the Mayor and City Council on policies, programs, and actions for improving pedestrian safety, mobility, accessibility, and comfort; for promoting walking for transportation recreation, and health purposes; and for strengthening the linkage between the pedestrian environment and public transportation.

The Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of the month, Minneapolis City Hall Room 333, from 4-6pm

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Please click on the application below, to apply. 

Expectations of Service

Service is varied and based upon needs, expectations and policy goals. Most seats are volunteer positions and have an average expectation of approximately 10-15 hours of work per month. Some Boards/Commissions however have a need for specialized skills, but most people will find a Board or Commission that is a great fit for their knowledge base. Public members of board and commissions are people who may not have regular, ongoing experience in a specific topic area, but have a general interest in a board or commission’s work arena. This is a great opportunity to learn more about an area of interest and contribute a perspective that is fresh and unique to the service area. Appointees are expected to actively engage and participate once they are confirmed and appointed, so it is important that you are clear on your time and availability. Traveling within the City of Minneapolis to meetings can be a part of some board or commission expectations, so make sure that you factor in the location of meetings into your decision. Finally, each board or commission has a term during which they serve. Most terms are between 1-3 years and all board and commission members are subject to a no term limit. If you enjoyed serving and completed your term on one board or commission, consider seeking appointment to another board or commission. Your experience is invaluable!

Application for Advisory Appointments

If you are interested in being considered for an appointment to a Board Committee:

Complete the application online


Complete the Application Form and Voluntary Demographic Questionnaire [PDF]

You may also download, print and send completed forms to, or mail to:

Community Outreach Department, Department Manager
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
2117 West River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55411

For the questions pertaining to race, age and gender, the Park Board asks that you voluntarily provide that information. The Park Board will use this information for statistical purposes, such as tracking the geographical diversity of board and commission appointees. By providing this information, you will help us ensure that appointments represent a broad cross-section of the community. You are under no legal obligation to provide this information. State and federal law prohibit the use of this information to discriminate against you.

You can apply on your own behalf, nominate others for consideration, or inform the City Clerk’s Office of someone to whom you would like application materials sent.

Completed Applications and Additional Materials

Your application tells the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board about you, your background and why you want to serve on an MPRB appointed board or committee. You may apply at any time, regardless of whether there is a current opening, as resignations occur throughout the year. Please type or use black ink when completing your application.

Please complete the application and include the supplemental information such as a resume and statement of interest (a cover letter). Please review all your information to ensure your form is complete! We will not accept emails with links to your information.

Once you submit your application, it will be placed in the appropriate Board or committee file for future consideration and kept for up to 1 year. Submission of an application does not mean that you will automatically be contacted, we will however, acknowledge the receipt of your form. If you are being actively considered for appointment, you will hear from the Community Outreach Department directly.

Applications can be returned via USPS (snail mail) or as a scanned email attachment.

To email your scanned application, please send to:

Mail your completed application to:

Community Outreach Department, Department Manager
Board Appointments
2117 West River Road
Minneapolis, MN  55411