Work is underway on the Lake Nokomis Shoreline Enhancement project

Nearly 4,800 linear feet of shoreline will be restored along the north and northeastern Lake Nokomis

A Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage grant will fund restoration of almost 4,800 linear feet of shoreline along north and northeastern shore of Lake Nokomis. This area of shoreline was selected due to increased erosion that has occurred along much of this area.

This project was identified as part of the 2015 Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan, which calls for increasing naturalized areas to improve water quality, stabilize shorelines and increase habitat. New native vegetation will extend from the shoreline to within four feet of the walking path.

Initial work involves tree removal along the edge of the shore. Many trees in the area were not planted intentionally and are either invasive species or diseased. MPRB Forestry professionals assisted in the tree removal selection process. Balancing the shoreline canopy through selective tree removal and pruning will allow sunlight to reach new plants so they can develop and help protect the shoreline, as well as promote better growth of the remaining dominant trees.

Following tree removal, the area will be treated with an herbicide to prepare the seedbed area along the shoreline for the new upland buffer vegetation. Herbicide application will follow safe industry guidelines and follow Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board policy by using non-glyphosate based products.

Shoreline grading is scheduled to begin by mid-September. Two City of Minneapolis storm water outfalls will also be repaired as part of this work. That project should be complete by mid-September. New native vegetation is expected to be planted by late September, with final restoration complete in the fall.

Project Background

The Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan is a written and graphic document that sets a 25-year vision for Lake Hiawatha, Lake Nokomis, and the surrounding parkland. It was approved by MPRB Commissioners in March 2015 and amended in July 2017 to include a designated Urban Agriculture Area and a design concept for Nokomis Athletic Fields.

The Master Plan outlines a vision for improving the quality of natural settings in the park, which includes direction to enhance the Lake Nokomis shoreline. In 2016, the MPRB was awarded a Minnesota Legacy Outdoor Heritage Fund grant to fund this project.