Revised concepts for Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan are available online

New concepts published ahead of next meeting January 21, 6-8 pm at Lake Nokomis Community Center

Today the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board published revised concepts for the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan. These new designs will be discussed at the upcoming Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 6-8 pm at Lake Nokomis Community Center.

The revisions reflect findings from a traffic study performed in 2019 and ongoing community engagement, with feedback received through online surveys and at meetings in November and December 2019. Some of the key changes in the new proposed designs include:

A continuous two-way parkway near Lynnhurst Park. The revised design is similar to what exists today, but with a reconfigured intersection at the parkway split. This reconfiguration will allow for a simpler, safer pedestrian and bicycle crossing.

A longer parkway bridge over the creek and floodway near Lynnhurst. This allows for a continuous habitat corridor between the creek and Lake Harriet and improves flood storage. The road elevation would remain as it is today, but the land in the vicinity would be lowered.

Retention of the lower Parkway road below Nicollet Avenue, with a rerouting of the pedestrian trail to alleviate user conflicts. The pedestrian trail would remain on the north side of the creek almost all the way to Nicollet Avenue, then cross the creek on a new bridge.

Modifications to the “activity area” beneath Nicollet Avenue would consolidate most uses under or west of the Nicollet Bridge. Parking would occur only in new parking bays near the Nicollet Bridge.

A three-way stop at East 50th Street and Minnehaha Parkway (near the bunny sculpture), with a T-intersection to improve visibility and simplify that area. Wider landing areas for pedestrians and bicycles will make it easier and safer to cross that intersection. The Parkway would operate as a two-way road as it does today, without turning restrictions at the East 50th Street intersection.

Revised Design Concepts

The revised design concepts are linked below:

Segment 1

Western Minneapolis border to Lake Harriet outlet/west terminus of Minnehaha Parkway.

Segment 2

Girard Avenue to I-35W

Segment 3

I-35W to Cedar Avenue (Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park border)

Public Meeting on January 21

The CAC and public will have the opportunity to discuss these new designs on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 6-8 pm at Lake Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E Minnehaha Parkway. The designs will be discussed in the following order:

  1. Lynnhurst Park area
  2. Segment 2 and the Nicollet Hollow area
  3. Parkway and Portland area
  4. Segment 1, including the Penn/Newton area
  5. Segment 3 east of Portland

Segment 4 (the easternmost section of the parkway between Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park and Minnehaha Regional Park) was previously recommended by the CAC and will not be discussed further. If time does not allow recommendations on these remaining design areas, a 12th CAC meeting will be scheduled in February.

CAC Meeting #11

Date: Jan. 21, 2020
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Lake Nokomis Community Center
Address: 2401 E Minnehaha Parkway
Topic: Discuss the next round of designs for the parkway road, as well as other remaining design areas still under discussion west of Cedar Avenue.