Public hearing for Community Garden Policy scheduled October 3 Garden Policy Draft (Revised 9-13)

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) will hold a public hearing on its proposed Community Garden Policy. The hearing is scheduled for 6:45 pm in the Board Room and MPRB Headquarters, 2117 West River Road.

The purpose of the public hearing is to hear public comments on the Community Garden Policy.  Individuals who would like to speak about this topic can sign up to do so either by calling in to the MPRB offices, or in person prior to the public hearing.

The policy outlines rules, requirements and processes for community gardening at neighborhood parks in Minneapolis. Review the policy using the link below:

Garden Policy Draft (Revised 9-13)


Policy Summary

Community gardens shall be created within designated urban agriculture areas in neighborhood parks, as well as on newly acquired park parcels, and made available to Minneapolis residents free of charge through a garden plot application process that includes the completions of plot stewardship agreements. 

The MPRB may also purchase land to support the continuation of existing community gardens. The primary purpose of MPRB community garden program is to provide space for people to grow healthy food for themselves and their families.

Establishing community gardens within neighborhood parks will be consistent with the MPRB Urban Agriculture Activity Plan, through the following:

  1. Providing education, access to healthy foods and support for the local food system
  2. Renewing and developing park facilities to foster urban agriculture activities
  3. Making food available on parkland to benefit residents, park visitors and the environment
  4. Applying a racial equity lens to the plot application process
  5. Completing an annual racial equity impact assessment to examine how different racial and ethnic groups may be affected by this policy and its corresponding program. This assessment is a vital tool to reduce, eliminate, and prevent racial discrimination and inequities.

Community gardens are authorized under the Park Board Code of Ordinances PB2-2. Locations are designated in adopted Service Area Master Plans.