New ground water data

A public information meeting was held on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 regarding plans for the Hiawatha Golf Course. At this meeting, Commissioner Steffanie Musich and Assistant Superintendent of Planning, Michael Schroeder, informed the audience that on Friday, September 11, 2015 staff of the MPRB and the City of Minneapolis Department of Public Works reviewed new, preliminary information regarding groundwater at Hiawatha Golf Course.

This initial data, collected as part of a consultant report expected to be submitted to the City in November, suggests there is a significantly greater volume of groundwater being pumped from the golf course into Lake Hiawatha. The volume is greater than expected and beyond the limits of the MPRB’s appropriation permit. This new information may pose limitations for renovation of the golf course. Prior to further exploring golf renovation concepts, the City and MPRB will direct attention to gaining a complete understanding of the conditions so that when concepts are presented, they reflect the full knowledge of conditions and impacts of the golf course and represent the best possible path forward.

During the meeting, we affirmed our commitment to several goals we believe reflect a holistic view of the Hiawatha property, its neighborhood context, and the ecology of Lake Hiawatha. Those goals include perpetuation of golf as an activity on the property, pending receipt and understanding of the findings of the consultant report.

The meeting summary, including presentation, agenda, and comments received are now available under the Get Involved tab on the project webpage. Thank you to those of you who attended the meeting and provided us with comments. Over 50 comment sheets were completed and handed to staff. If you have not commented and wish to do so, please complete the online survey.

More detailed information will be released as it is received over the next month.


Michael Schroeder
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
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