Loring Park vegetation management work continues into March (2017)

Large mechanical equipment in use beginning February 29

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) forestry staff will begin cutting and removing frozen cattail encased in ice from Loring Pond’s North Bay beginning Mon., February 29. Staff will use chainsaws, long-arm backhoes and other large mechanical equipment to cut and move the ice from Loring Park.

Removing ice from the North Bay will remove the invasive cattail floating mat which is frozen into the ice. The ice and frozen cattails will be hauled from the site and composted at a later date

The work is being done now as the ground is frozen and can support the weight of heavy equipment, and the ice on the Loring Pond is thick enough to support forestry personnel.

To ensure patron safety, the pedestrian paths immediately adjacent to the North Bay of Loring Pond will be closed while the work is being performed. The ice cutting and hauling will begin Mon., February 29 and is expected to last 7–10 days, depending upon weather and site conditions.

Large trucks will be hauling out the debris throughout the work day and using trails to access public streets. Patrons in the area may also notice an odor coming from the cattail debris and soil.

This work is being conducted as part of the Loring Park cattail control and follows the parameters established in the 2014 state legislation authorizing MPRB “to remove all hybrid and narrow-leaved cattails by mechanical removal and chemical control at Loring Lake” and “replant the shoreland with native species.”