Lake Nokomis Shoreline Enhancement Update: Replacement of stormwater pipe near 53rd Street begins soon

Construction scheduled to take place between East Lake Nokomis Parkway and Lake Nokomis, beginning mid-November

In conjunction with the current shoreline enhancement work going on at Lake Nokomis, the City of Minneapolis is replacing the failing stormwater pipe on the east side of the lake, near E 53rd Street.

The failing pipe will be replaced from the edge of the parkway, through the park, and down to the lake. The replacement pipe will be smaller in diameter, which will create more cover over the top of the pipe. Work is scheduled to begin in mid-November and finish by the end of the year. Final restoration of all turf and pathways will occur as soon as possible in 2020.

Please stay away from areas while they are under construction and respect any onsite signage or fencing.

Map of Pipe Repair [PDF]

Shoreline Enhancement Update

The shoreline enhancement work currently underway on the north and east side of Lake Nokomis is nearing completion for the year. The existing woody vegetation along the shoreline has either been removed or pruned as planned. This will help develop the wetland buffer and upland buffer areas.

The eastern shoreline has been armored with riprap boulders at the point south of 53rd Street and emergent plantings have been installed on the north side of the lake near the canoe launch, along with temporary wave break fencing to protect the new plantings. Native seed areas are scheduled to be seeded in the coming weeks. When that is complete, temporary fencing will be installed around the perimeter to protect the area during establishment.

Project Background

The Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan is a written and graphic document that sets a 25-year vision for Lake Hiawatha, Lake Nokomis, and the surrounding parkland. It was approved by MPRB Commissioners in March 2015 and amended in July 2017 to include a designated Urban Agriculture Area and a design concept for Nokomis Athletic Fields.

The Master Plan outlines a vision for improving the quality of natural settings in the park, which includes direction to enhance the Lake Nokomis shoreline. In 2016, the MPRB was awarded a Minnesota Legacy Outdoor Heritage Fund grant to fund this project.