Draft Agendas for Upcoming Meetings

Draft Agenda for SWsamp CAC #11 on July 11th

  1. Welcome, Introductions, Grounding Exercise
  2. Quick Review
  3. Single Use Facilities – tennis/pickleball, basketball
  4. Parks in Warrants More Discussion category, in this order: Lynnhurst, The Parade, MLK, Kenwood, Kenwood Parkway, The Mall, Mueller, Lyndale Farmstead, Washburn Fair Oaks, Waveland Triangle

Draft Agenda for CAC #12 on July 25th

  1. Any parks from July 11th not yet completed
  2. Parks in the field/diamond balance category: Armatage, Linden Hills, Pershing, and Kenny
  3. Proposed Parks: East Calhoun Gateway Area, 31st Street Median, West Calhoun Bus Layover, Washburn Water Tower, Garfield Lot, Linden Hills Trolley Path, and 3 search areas in West Calhoun, around Stevens Square, and around Windom South.
  4. Guiding Principles
  5. Final Recommendation vote

*** Note: in-depth conversations, while facilitated, will not be closed simply due to time. For this reason, some agenda items may be carried over to a subsequent CAC meeting.

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