Bryant Square Park Improvements – Construction Update

Wading Pool Improvements $500,000

The bids received for the replacement of the pool came in considerably over the available budget. The MPRB hoped to construct the new pool in the fall of 2016.

Because of new codes, the existing pool mechanical, located on the west side of the Recreation Center, could not be reused for the new wading pool.  A new pool mechanical building was required but not included in the original project budget.  Contaminated and structurally poor soils, discovered in the pool area during the design phase of the project, also drove up bids. 

The MPRB will seek additional funds and project cost savings and rebid the project in early 2017.

CARAG has generously offered funds to add water features, a shade structure, and ornamental fencing to the project, which could not otherwise been afforded.

Playground Improvements $270,000

The design prepared by Minnesota Wisconsin Playground and presented at a public hearing on May 18 was approved by MPRB Commissioners  at their July 20 Board meeting, after additional community outreach and engagement  by staff.

Equipment has been ordered and construction will begin in late August/early September.  The new playground will be complete by mid-November.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the Grand Opening in the spring of 2017!

Recreation Center Improvements $225,000

Flooring:  The vinyl tiles were removed in June and the concrete floor below was polished and stained.
Furnaces: new furnaces will be installed in September 2016
Roof:  Replacement of the roof also requires replacement of the gutter and downspouts, as well as a repair of the soffit on the south side.  More funds are needed so this project has been delayed until 2017.

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