Bossen Field Park year-end construction update

An exciting overhaul of Bossen Field Park began in late July and carried through early December, when work mostly wrapped up for the year due to the cold. Minneapolis saw more than 22 inches of rainfall during this time period, which impacted construction, but contractors were still able to get a lot done.

This project has impacted almost the entire park at some point and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board appreciates park users’ patience while spaces are reshaped to fit the wide-ranging needs of the community according to the Bossen Field Park Master Plan [PDF]. Although work mostly shut down after the forceful arrival of wintry weather, a few tasks are still currently taking place. A new water service connection into 28th Street is one of the last items that will be completed in 2016. The line was routed underneath left field of the baseball field to avoid potential damage to several significant oak trees.

Spring 2017 will be a busy time at the park. Workers will resume work as quickly as weather allows and attempt to wrap it up as soon as possible while maintaining a safe environment and upholding high construction standards.

Construction Updates

Softball and Open Play Fields
Construction on six new softball fields is well underway. The new fields are being raised an average of three feet in order to improve drainage and playability. Soil for the two softball fields at southern end of the park and the large open field at the east side of the park was hauled in and spread this fall. Then new irrigation was installed and sod was laid. Pathways and fencing around these fields will be installed next spring. The four fields at the northern end of the park still require more soil, which will be brought in next year, followed by the installation of irrigation and fencing.   

Paving: Parking Lot, Pathways and Basketball
Paving work will be scheduled after all the new soil is hauled in next spring. Paving projects include parking lot modifications, better pathways throughout the park and a new full-size basketball court.

New play equipment will be installed at the playground in the spring. The new and improved playground will be located closer to the center of the park and include a container with equipment designed for 2-5 year-olds, a container with equipment designed for 5-12 year-olds and a small area with adult exercise equipment. 

A Note on New Turf
We intend to open construction areas around the park as soon as possible next year. However, new turf will need time to grow in and establish strong roots, so park users are asked to please respect areas that are fenced off to ensure the long-term health of these new spaces.

Integrating Racial Equity in Park Planning

The ongoing park improvements mark one of the first tangible results of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) using a racial equity toolkit in a long-term planning effort. MPRB staff used racial equity tools to facilitate an inclusive planning process resulting in a design that will better meet the needs of both the surrounding neighbors and the region-wide users. 

As a result, this project addressed the need for improved parking, pathways and picnic areas, and also created open, flexible field space on the east side of the park near high density housing. For more information, check out a recent article in Parks and Recreation Magazine that took an in-depth look at the MPRB’s approach to racial equity and the Bossen Field Park Master Plan.


Jon Duesman
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
Phone: 612-230-6471