Bossen Field Park spring construction update Construction Updates

An extensive renovation of Bossen Field Park began last summer, carried through early winter and recently restarted this spring. This project has impacted almost the entire park at some point over the last year and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board appreciates park users’ patience while spaces are reshaped to fit the wide-ranging needs of the community according to the Bossen Field Park Master Plan [PDF]

Construction in the southern half of the park — which includes two new softball fields, an open play field, new playground, pathways, parking lot and basketball court — will wrap up this summer. The four softball fields in the northern half of the park will remain closed in 2017 to give the new turf sufficient time to establish strong roots. 

Construction Updates

South Softball Fields and Open Play Field
The two softball fields in the southern end of the park and open play field in the east side of the park will be ready for play this summer. A new irrigation system has been installed and the new sod is looking good. 

North Softball Fields
The four softball fields in the northern end of the park, realigned in a “pinwheel” layout so that the fields all face outward instead of facing each other, will be seeded this spring. They will remain closed this summer to give new turf time to establish. 
Stay Off Seeded Areas: Please stay off seeded areas in the park to allow new grass to develop strong roots, ensuring the long-term health of these spaces.

Paving: Parking Lot, Pathways and Basketball
Paving is underway. New pathways within the park are being poured and improvements to the north and south parking lots have begun. A new basketball court on the west side of the park will be paved soon, followed by painting and striping. It’s expected to open by July. 

Construction on the new playground is nearly complete! It expected to open in June. The new playground was relocated closer to the center of the park and includes a container with equipment designed for 2-5 year-olds, a container with equipment designed for 5-12 year-olds, and a small area with adult exercise equipment. 


Jon Duesman
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
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