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Bryant Square Park
3101 Bryant Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Jon Duesman
Phone: 612-230-6471

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Current Phase: Bidding and Construction

  • Playground: End of August 2016-November 30, 2016
  • Building floor: Complete (July 2016)
  • Building Furnaces: September 2016
  • Building Roof: Spring 2017
  • Wading Pool: 2017

Celebrate new playground and kick off Music in the Park series at Bryant Square Park June 6

Music, free food and refreshments, face painting and tattoo artistry for kids highlight festivities Please join the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and your Uptown neighbors at Bryant Square Park on Tuesday, June 6, for a community celebration commemorating the park’s new playground and kicking off the Music in the Park Summer Series. The […]

Seeking Construction Bids for Bryant Square Park Wading Pool Improvements

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is seeking bids for the construction of wading pools at Bryant Square Park and Logan Park.  Bids will be opened on February 15.  The existing pools will be opened at the beginning of the summer for park patron enjoyment and will close in mid-July for construction.  The new pools […]

Bryant Square Park Improvements construction update

Playground Improvements The water pump and dry stream bed will be installed next week. After that, playground surfacing – wood fiber in the age 5-12 play area and sand in the age 2-5 play area – will be delivered and placed. Once the surfacing is in place, the fence will be removed and the playground will […]

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Project Milestones

February-March 2016

  • Selection of aquatics engineering team
  • Selection of play equipment manufacturer
  • Community open houses; outreach at events

April-May 2016

  • Community engagement continues for playground equipment replacement
  • Public hearing to approve concept for pool replacement

May-June 2016

  • Pool construction document preparation
  • Bidding and award of bid for pool
  • Public hearing to approve concept for playground equipment replacement

June-August 2016

  • Existing pool open for use in summer
  • Existing playground open for use in summer
  • June 20-July 29 Recreation Center closed for flooring replacement

August-November 2016

  • Playground construction starts after school year begins
  • Furnace replacement in Recreation Center


  • Winter: re-bid wading pool construction
  • Winter: bid roofing replacement of Recreation Center
  • Spring or Fall: reconstruction of wading pool

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May 18, 2016 – Public Hearing Summary

April 9, 2016 – Public Meeting #3 Summary

March 12, 2016 – Public Meeting #2 Summary

February 23, 2016 – Public Meeting #1 Summary

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Bryant Square Park is a two city block park located in Park District 6 (Commissioner Brad Bourn) and within the CARAG neighborhood. The CARAG neighborhood has been very generous to the park and has provided many park amenities over the years including benches, picnic tables and an amphitheater. Most recently CARAG received a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to work with an artist to create mosaic murals which will be displayed on the exterior of the Bryant Square Park recreation center.

Building Improvement The current recreation center was built in 1970.  $225,000 from 2013 Capital Levy and Net Debt Bonds is available for the planning and construction of building improvements to keep the building operational for the next twenty years.  Top priorities include a new roof, new furnaces, and replacement of vinyl tile flooring which currently contains asbestos.  Accessibility modifications and air conditioning are also desired if budget permits.

Playground replacement The existing playground was designed and built in 1996.  Playground safety and accessibility standards have changed in the twenty years since construction and equipment is nearing the end of its life.  $270,000 is available in 2015 Capital Levy for the planning and installation of a new playground.

The existing concrete curb play containers, one for pre-kindergarten children and a second for children ages 5-12, will be left in place and new play equipment will be selected by the community.  The existing sand base in the ages 5-12 container will be replaced by engineered wood fiber and poured-in-place resilient surfacing.  The sidewalks between the playground and recreation center and streets are accessible, although some panels are heaved and need replacement.

The concept for the new playground (Pre-K [JPG]/Ages 5-12 [JPG]) was approved by the MPRB Commissioners on July 20, 2016. Construction will occur in the fall of 2016 with a grand opening celebration in the spring of 2017.

Wading pool replacement The wading pool and recreation center were both constructed in 1970.  The pool is located at the northeast end of the park, east of the recreation center building.  The mechanical room for the pool is on the west side of the recreation center and pipes for the pool run under the building.

The existing wading pool is concrete, approximately 40 feet square with an area of 1600 square feet.  A 10’ wide concrete deck around the pool area is enclosed by a 3’ high ornamental metal fence which no longer meets code.  Six benches are located around the perimeter of deck.  The self-closing gate opening onto the deck is located on the south side, midline of the wading pool.  Two over-story trees on the southwest corner provide some shade; there are no shade structures.

The entire pool area and related mechanical systems need replacement, to keep them functional for the next fifty years.  New accessibility standards require one end of the pool to have a zero depth entry. Since the existing mechanical systems no longer meet code, the piping to the pool must also be replaced and a new mechanical building and connections to street utilities will be required.

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