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Jon Duesman
Phone: 612-230-6471

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Bassett Creek Main Stem Lagoon Dredging Project

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Current Phase: Research & Development

Bassett Creek Dredging Feasibility Study

The proposed project will remove sediment that has collected in three of the seven lagoons (D, E and F) created along the Main Stem of Bassett Creek in Wirth Park, between Golden Valley Road and Trunk Highway 55.  These lagoons were originally created in the mid-1930’s by Civilian Conservation Corps crews.

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Project Milestones

Develop concept alternatives and cost estimates: Winter 2019 – January 2020

Public engagement: February 2020

Submit draft feasibility report: March 2020

Regulatory agency review: March 2020

BCWMC review: April – May 2020

Final Feasibility Report: May 2020

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Wetland delineation report, sediment sampling and soil cores (Fall 2019)


As is required for Bassett Creek Watershed Management Organization (BCWMC) CIP Projects, a feasibility study must be completed prior to BCWMC holding a hearing and ordering the project. The feasibility study will estimate the amount of material to be dredged, identify sediment contamination issues, discuss methods for dredging the material from the lagoons and disposing of the dredged material, review the environmental review and permitting requirements, and develop a concept plan and cost estimate for the project.

This project is consistent with the goals and policies in the 2015 – 2025 BCWMC Watershed Management Plan.  The BCWMC completed a Resource Management Plan (RMP) in 2009 through which the USACE and the BCWMC agreed on a series of steps, work items, deliverables (called “protocols”) that must be accomplished and submitted to complete the RMP process and USACE review/approval process.

Several studies and projects have been completed in and along the study area.

Relevant work and scope implications are listed below:

  • Feasibility Report for the 2012 Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project – Golden Valley Road
    to Irving Avenue North (Barr, 2011)