MPRB Update and FAQs regarding COVID-19

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s (MPRB) priority is the health and safety of our park visitors and employees. The MPRB is actively monitoring the coronavirus COVID-19 in partnership with the Minneapolis Health Department and Office of Emergency Management. The City of Minneapolis is working closely with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), which is leading the statewide response to COVID-19.  


How is the MPRB responding to COVID-19?

In addition to working closely with the City of Minneapolis and public health officials, MPRB leadership staff are monitoring and discussing COVID-19 daily and determining strategies related to COVID-19 impacts to the MPRB, the public we serve and our employees. MPRB staff continue to enhance our cleaning of communal surfaces within our park buildings.

How can I stay informed of any COVID-19 related changes in MPRB operations or services?

Will MPRB programs and events be impacted or cancelled?

The majority of MPRB programming is continuing at this time; however, the following events and programs are currently cancelled as part of the MPRB’s efforts at social distancing and protection of senior program participants, who public health officials say are the most vulnerable to COVID-19:

  • Youth Wrestling Tournament – in consultation with our partners at MPS, the MPRB cancelled the 3/14 citywide youth wrestling tournament at South High School.
  • All off-site fieldtrips – all MPRB field trips, primarily to large, crowded venues, that were scheduled through RecPlus, Youthline and MPRB recreation centers are cancelled effective March 16 – April 3. Registration fee refunds will be provided.
  • All Senior 55+ programs are cancelled effective March 16 – April 3. Registration fee refunds will be provided.
  • Per the Minnesota Department of Health’s strategies announced March 13, all MPRB events of 250 or more attendees will be cancelled or postponed.

Any future cancellations will be listed on

If Minneapolis Public Schools close, will MPRB recreation centers and program facilities close?

If Minneapolis Public Schools close, MPRB will cancel programming and close its program buildings to the public, including its recreation centers, ice arenas, Kroening Interpretive Center, and Eloise Butler Wildflower visitor shelter. Any other MPRB building or facility closures will be done in consultation with public health officials.

Can I view MPRB Board meetings remotely?

Public health officials are encouraging social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. The MPRB encourages members of the public who do not have an essential need to attend MPRB Board meetings to view them through the live and recorded webcast and TV options. the following live and recorded options:

Members of the public who do not want to attend scheduled Open Time during Board meetings to share comments with Commissioners are encouraged to email them instead. Email addresses are available in the “contact” section for each commissioner at  If the public wants their comments to be read during Open Time they should send their comments to the Secretary of the Board at and have a word limit of approximately 300 words, which is similar to three minutes when read out loud.

Will MPRB community meetings (not Board meetings) be cancelled?

Public health officials are encouraging social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. In addition to Board meetings, the MPRB often holds community engagement meetings and Community Advisory meetings. Upcoming non-essential community engagement meetings and open houses may be cancelled or rescheduled, and we are exploring options for having these types of meetings done virtually or by phone/conference line. Check online and subscribe to GovDelivery to receive timely updates.

What can Minnesotans do to protect themselves?

The best available guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health for avoiding coronavirus disease 19 is to take the same precautions you take for avoiding colds and flu:

How should Minnesotans prepare?

The Minnesota Department of Health recommends the following:

  • As always, be prepared in case you get sick and need to stay home. Keep enough food, regular prescription drugs and other necessities on hand in case you need to stay home and are not able to easily go out.
  • Make plans to care for sick household members and know what you would do if there are school closures or childcare program closures
  • If you’re planning travel, check the CDC website for updated travel advisories.

Is information available in multiple languages?

The Minnesota Department of Health website features materials and resources on COVID-19 in multiple languages.