Lake Nokomis E. coli outbreak update: Online survey and more information

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) are asking anyone who visited Lake Nokomis, regardless of if they got sick, to complete a brief MDH online survey. If the public has any questions, they may call the Foodborne and Waterborne Illness Hotline at 651-201-5655.

The type of E. coli that caused the reported illnesses at Lake Nokomis was most likely introduced into the water by an ill swimmer. These types of contamination events are unlikely to be detected during routine beach monitoring tests. The MPRB conducts weekly beach testing for water quality and posts results online, on the Beach Water Resources page.

Weekly testing has not indicated high levels of E. coli at either of the Lake Nokomis beaches. The elevated E. coli levels reported by the MPRB at other MPRB beaches is commonly caused by rain, stormwater runoff or waterfowl, not humans.

For more information read an Aug. 13, 2019 news release: Health, Minneapolis parks officials close Lake Nokomis beaches after E. coli outbreak identified