Southbound lane of East River Parkway reopens while slope failure assessment continues

A southbound lane of East River Parkway between Washington Avenue and Arlington Street re-opened this afternoon, Friday, August 9. Vehicles can now travel both northbound and southbound on two temporary lanes; however, no parking is allowed along this stretch of the parkway. The west side of the parkway and adjacent pedestrian trail next to the riverbank remains closed. The temporary vehicle lanes will stay in place along East River Parkway until further investigation or more permanent slope repairs are completed.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) closed this segment of parkway following a July 17 slope failure along 100 feet of the Mississippi riverbank that sent soil sloughing down the slope towards the river. Heavy rainfall is presumed to have had a role in the slope failure. After the MPRB’s engineering consultant conducted an initial assessment, the northbound lane located furthest from the riverbank was re-opened July 22 while additional soil boring and analysis were conducted.

Today, the MPRB received results from its engineering consultant that 28 feet from the east curb of the East River Parkway can be safely opened, allowing for two 14-foot lanes with no parking. Public safety remains the MPRB’s primary concern and the MPRB continues to work closely with the consultant, City of Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota.