Slope failure along the East Bank of the Mississippi River; trail and parkway temporarily closed

At approximately 9:30 am this morning, July 17, 2019, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) staff were notified by the University of Minnesota of a slope failure along the Mississippi riverbank next to East River Parkway, which runs along the upper bluff above the slope. The slope failure occurred between Washington Avenue and Arlington Street. Soil and debris sloughed off the upper bank and slid down the slope towards the river. At this time there has been no report of personal injuries or damage to the parkway, vehicles or nearby buildings.

MPRB staff and an MPRB geotechnical consultant are on site to conduct an initial safety assessment and have temporarily closed the trail and parkway while investigation takes place see U of M road detour map below).

Although recent heavy rainfall is presumed to have had a role in the slope failure, a full and thorough assessment needs to be conducted.