Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board selects officers, committees and representatives for 2019

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) held its annual meeting Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2018 to elect officers for 2019. Commissioners re-elected Brad Bourn as President and AK Hassan as Vice President.

President Bourn began serving on the Board in 2010 and was re-elected to his third term as District 6 Commissioner in 2017. Vice President Hassan was elected to his first term as District 3 Commissioner in 2017 and is the first Somali-born MPRB Commissioner.

The Board elected Jennifer Ringold to serve as Secretary to the Board and law firm Rice, Michels & Walther as General Counsel.

President Bourn appointed the following Commissioners to serve on Standing Committees of the Board (one-year terms):

  • Administration and Finance Committee – Chair LaTrisha Vetaw, Vice Chair Jono Cowgill, Londel French, AK Hassan, Kale Severson
  • Recreation Committee – Chair Londel French, Vice Chair Kale Severson, AK Hassan, Steffanie Musich, Meg Forney
  • Planning Committee – Chair Meg Forney, Vice Chair Jono Cowgill, Chris Meyer, Kale Severson, LaTrisha Vetaw
  • Operations and Environment Committee – Chair Steffanie Musich, Vice Chair Londel French, , Jono Cowgill, Chris Meyer, Kale Severson,
  • Legislation and Intergovernmental Committee – Chair Chris Meyer, Vice Chair LaTrisha Vetaw, Londel French, AK Hassan, Kale Severson
  • Standards and Conduct Committee – Chair AK Hassan, Vice Chair Londel French, Jono Cowgill, Chris Meyer, Kale Severson

The Board also created the Park Police Governance, Operations and Oversight Committee. The Commissioners serving on this new Standing Committee of the Board are Chair LaTrisha Vetaw, Vice Chair AK Hassan, Jono Cowgill, Londel French, Steffanie Musich.

MPRB Commissioners and Minneapolis residents were appointed to serve on the following external boards, commissions and panels. All appointments are one-year terms unless otherwise noted.

  • Planning Commission (second year of two-year term) – Jono Cowgill
  • Board of Estimate and Taxation – Brad Bourn
  • Bottineau Transitway Policy Advisory Committee – Kale Severson, Chris Meyer (alternate)
  • Cedar Riverside Partnership – AK Hassan
  • HomeGrown Minneapolis Food Council – Deb Brister
  • Internal Audit Committee – Chris Meyer
  • John H. Stevens House Organization – Steffanie Musich
  • Midtown Community Works Partnership – Jono Cowgill
  • Minneapolis DID Greening Design & Infrastructure Committee – LaTrisha Vetaw
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts Board – Brad Bourn
  • Minneapolis Parks Foundation – Meg Forney
  • Minneapolis Tree Advisory Committee – Londel French, Susan Olmsted (At-Large), Peggy Booth (District 1), Jeanne LaBore (Districts 3 and 5), Devin Hogan (District 4 and 6)
  • Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership – Jono Cowgill, Chris Meyer, Kale Severson
  • Mississippi Watershed Management Organization – Chris Meyer, Kale Severson (alternate)
  • Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (second year of two-year term) – Alison Griffin
  • Anthony Falls Heritage Board – President Bourn will appoint at next Board meeting on Jan. 16
  • Youth Coordinating Board – Londel French

Board Meetings

The MPRB typically meets at 5 pm every first and third Wednesday of each month for regular meetings. MPRB meeting agendas and related information are typically posted at http://minneapolisparksmn.iqm2.com/ the Friday preceding each Wednesday Board meeting.

Board meetings are broadcast live on the Minneapolis Government Meeting Channel (tune to SD channel 14 or HD channel 799 on Comcast or SD channel 8001 or HD channel 8501 on CenturyLink) and online on the Minneapolis City Council TV website.

In addition to watching City of Minneapolis government meetings through the resources provided above, you can also watch archived meetings on the City of Minneapolis YouTube channel.