Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board approves Skate Park Activity Plan

On Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Commissioners approved the Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan. This plan is a 20-year roadmap for providing quality support to the local skate park community and encouraging skating among new generations of park users.

“This is a thorough, thoughtful plan that provides a solid framework for improving skate park facilities in Minneapolis parks,” said Michael Schroeder, MPRB Assistant Superintendent for Planning. “We’d like to thank the local skate park community, including our project partner City of Skate, for serving as a well-organized, dedicated ally in the pursuit for better skateboarding opportunities in Minneapolis.”

The Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan has three goals:

  • Increase the number, variety and distribution of skate parks in Minneapolis
  • Address policy barriers to high-quality skate park experiences
  • Improve the overall skate park experience through design, operations, partnerships and safety measures

It also provides context and analysis to help inform future decision-making regarding skate park opportunities within Minneapolis and the Minneapolis park system. This includes:

  • Snapshots of each of the six existing skate parks in Minneapolis, including park-specific suggestions for improvement
  • Overview of possible and in-progress skate parks in Minneapolis
  • General skate park trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Precedents and examples set by other cities across the world
  • Summary of public feedback received since 2013

“City of Skate is excited that the MPRB has adopted this citywide plan for 18+ skate parks and is ready to invest in a world class skate park infrastructure,” said Paul Forsline, City of Skate President. “This plan will offer a great opportunity for youth and citizens to discover and share the creativity of skateboarding at unique custom skateparks throughout Minneapolis.”

The Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan was created after nearly five years of community engagement, research and evaluation. The MPRB would like to thank its Steering Committee and project partner City of Skate for the outreach, expertise and time spent helping create the plan.

The entire Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan is linked below:

Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan