The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) honors veteran’s preference to qualified applicants in accordance with MN Statute 43A.11.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for preference on a Competitive Exam, you must have been separated, under honorable conditions, from any branch of the armed forces of the United States after having served 181 consecutive days of active duty or by reason of disability incurred while on active duty and be a United States Citizen or resident alien. One may also be the spouse of a qualified, deceased veteran or the spouse of a disabled veteran where the veteran, because of a service-related disability, is unable to perform the job for which the spouse is applying. To qualify for preference on a Promotional Exam, you must be entitled to a disability compensation for a service-connected disability rating fifty (50%) percent of more. Persons who meet the criteria for qualifying for promotional Veteran’s Preference may use it only for their first promotion after securing employment with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. To apply for veteran’s preference complete and submit the Veteran’s Preference Form [PDF] with your complete application. For additional information regarding Veterans Preference please contact the Veterans’ Service Office at 612-348-3300.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


The Way We Work

The Employees of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board:

  • Work and accept responsibility to search for, create and execute new and innovative approaches to improve the performance of Park Board services and objectives.
  • Assist external and internal customers to serve their needs and take responsibility for continuously improving customer service.
  • Foster meaningful interaction among people through the exchange of information to produce understanding.
  • Continuously develop and use effective strategies and interpersonal styles to engage and guide others toward the accomplishment of identified objectives and goals in the best interest of the Park Board and community.
  • Consistently work toward the common good of the organization and encourage others to do the same.
  • Conduct themselves at all times in a professionally appropriate and respectful manner.
  • Apply the proper safety/security practices according to established protocols, guidelines and policies.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.