We offer water recreation at two pools and operate 62 wading pools located in neighborhoods throughout the Minneapolis park system.

Pool and Water Park Status

Check pool and water park closures

Wading Pool Locations

Wading pools are open 10 am-9 pm daily May 26-September 2018.

Wading pools have no lifeguards on duty.

Please note: Wading pools located in parks adjacent to a Minneapolis Public School building will open Saturday, June 9 and remain open just prior to school resuming Monday, August 27.

*Pools on or adjacent to school sites. Open 10 am-9 pm daily June 9 - August 26, 2018.

Good to Know

Youth Swimming Lessons offered at Lake Nokomis Main Beach, Wirth Beach, Jim Lupient Water Park, North Commons Water Park, and Webber Natural Swimming Pool.

Parents/guardians will be notified of swim lesson cancellations through email.

Map of All Water Recreation Locations [PDF]

Call 612-230-6400 for more wading and swimming pool information.

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Weather-Related Information

  • Swimming pools, wading pools, and water parks open when the temperature is 65 degrees and higher.
  • In the case of rain, swimming and wading pools remain open until the bottom of the pool is no longer visible.
  • In the case of lightning, all people are required to stay out of the pool until 30 minutes after lightning has ended.

Pool Safety

  • All of our pools are in compliance with current requirements. 
  • All of our pools are maintained and inspected on a daily basis, including inspection of the drain covers.
  • We are committed to park user safety. For many years we have worked directly with the City and State Departments of Health to ensure visitor safety at our pools, and continue to do so.