More than 9,100 volunteers donate more than 157,000 hours of time and talent each year to the Park System.

We highlight the invaluable contributions made by individuals and volunteer groups through the Volunteer of the Year Awards. The awards recognize outstanding efforts, and signify the importance of every volunteer to the success of the MPRB.

Award Categories

Remarkable Volunteer Awards
Adults, both individuals and groups

Rising Star Awards
Youth ages 13-17

These awards honor volunteers who have:

  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision and commitment to the MPRB during the previous year.
  • Made a significant volunteer contribution to the MPRB in terms of hours, length of service, or outstanding efforts.

Nominate a Volunteer

Help us recognize the invaluable contributions of our volunteers by nominating an individual or group [PDF]. The deadline for nominating a volunteer for a 2017 award is March 9, 2017.

See, print and share the award program information [PDF]  

Thank you to those who nominate a volunteer. We will announce 2017 honorees in April.

Call 612-313-7778 or for more information.

Award Ceremony and Reception

Award recipients are honored during a ceremony and reception at a Board of Commissioners meeting each spring. Recipients’ accomplishments will be featured on our website, in our parks, and in the local media.  

Honorees will receive a framed certificate along with a financial award, which is used to enhance programming and/or purchase needed supplies for the honoree’s park or program.

Previous Winners

2016 - Robert Tesch-Stevson, Tara Young, Marilyn Jones, Dave Schaenzer, Robin Russell, Dave Zappa, West Bank Parks, Cedar Isles Dean Neighborhood Association/Park Siding Park Gardeners Group, Mill Ruins Crew, Alison Thorson, Bjorn Holtey and John Osborn

2015 - Maria Gilleece, Carleton Perry, M'Angelo Harris, Kathy and Ron Buhta, Ede Holmen, Luxton Book Exchange, Nokomis Naturescape Gardeneers, Ibrahim Arale

2014 - Leigh Breitenbach, Patrick Arneson, Ted Tucker, Phoebe Waugh, Bob Sorg, Metro Blooms, Jake Sullivan & Sean Uldrich, Northern Lights Council Boy Scout Troop 100

2013Jenn Bennington, Wes and Dawn Chapman, Hollis Fricek, Lily O’Brien, David Rayson, Mary and Marcus Strong, Eric Tuck, Kenneth Yanish, Ethan Cunningham, The Men’s & Women’s Garden Club of Minneapolis