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Loring Park Garden of the Seasons

Part of: Loring Park

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The Loring Garden Friends assist with the design and maintenance of the gardens at Loring Park. Email Loring Garden Friends.

Connected to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden via Hixon Whitney Footbridge.

Garden located North of the Loring Pond footbridge.

Peak Display Time: mid-June through frost


  • Benches
  • Walking Path (ADA-Compliant)

Glorious Gardens

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Longfellow Gardens

Neighborhood: Loring Park

Service Area: Southwest

Commissioner District: 4

The Woodlands Circle (center of the garden) is a collection of native Minnesota trees, shrubs and woodland wildflowers.

The Wheel of Color (middle ring) is a series of eight wedges, each one planted with perennials and annuals of a predominate color. Rainbow in effect, the shades and hues, from red to violet, represent the strong diversity of the neighborhood that surrounds Loring Park.

The Tapestry of Green (outer ring) adds textural interest by inter-planting ground hugging junipers with Minnesota natives Prairie Dropseed Grass and Bearberry.

Outdoor Use and Event Space: Learn how to reserve park space for corporate events, community celebrations, and more. Application [PDF]

Constructed in 1998 and planted in 1999, the garden is located just north of the footbridge over Loring Pond. Designed in three concentric circles, the Garden of the Seasons features a native woodland center surrounded by a color wheel of perennial and annual flowering species and an outer ring of ornamental grasses and groundcover evergreens. The garden is enclosed by hedged Minnesota native chokeberry.