Work advances into southeast Wirth

So far approximately 55 acres of south Wirth have been cleared of invasive buckthorn and exotic honeysuckle. Work began in the southwest corner of the park, moved north up to Glenwood Avenue, and is now traveling south along the eastern border of the park below Glenwood. Earlier this week workers moved into section V on the project’s aerial map [PDF].

Mowers avoid important patches of native shrubs and trees, which were flagged in the field by MPRB staff and community volunteers, including members of Friends of Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. They also avoid soft and moist soils to maintain soil integrity and structure. Some of these soft soil areas will be mowed when the soil is frozen solid.

Careful hand brush cutting or saw cutting of buckthorn or exotic honeysuckle in 3-4-foot buffer areas around all forest trees continues in the wake of the mowing.