MPRB’s consultant will be conducting a “Pump Test” on Feb. 16

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is continuing its investigation of groundwater conditions on Hiawatha Golf Course and the pumping of water from the golf course into Lake Hiawatha.

The MPRB’s consultant will be conducting a “Pump Test” on Tuesday, Feb. 16, to investigate whether deep groundwater recharge, or the movement of shallow groundwater or surface water to deeper groundwater, is impacted by the current pumping of shallow groundwater into Lake Hiawatha. For this test, a deep groundwater well be pumped and discharged into Lake Hiawatha. This discharge will occur for approximately 72 hours and will create open water on the west side of Lake Hiawatha. Thin ice signs have been installed in the test discharge area. Barricades will be placed around the test discharge site on Tuesday when the pumping begins. During the Pump Test, shallow groundwater well levels will be continuously monitored as part of the data collection needed for the MPRB’ s investigation.

The MPRB requests that the public stay off the ice on the west side of Lake Hiawatha and in the area where Minnehaha Creek flows into Lake Hiawatha.