Kenilworth Channel Renovation Project Brief

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has dedicated funding to begin the investigation and renovation of the badly deteriorated Kenilworth Channel Walls. Within the next few weeks, surveyors will be on parkland conducting an ALTA survey on the property owned by the MPRB. The survey work will include mapping all property information and park/topographic features.  The field work may take one to two-weeks to complete. Surveyors will be wearing high-visibility construction vest with their company clearly identified.

Before any channel wall replacement design work begins, MPRB staff will meet with adjoining property owners and other community members to review the projects requirements and seek input on the wall replacement methods

Project Brief

The Kenilworth Channel retaining walls are in extremely poor condition and need to be addressed. Just how the final channel edge will be stabilized has not been determined. A portion of the edge may remain a wall and/or portion may become a more naturalized edge, we are just not sure what is the best approach at this time. In the 2019 capital improvement plan, the Board approved $1m to begin the process of inventorying the wall and adjoining site, engage with the community on the replacement of the wall and/or channel edge stabilization and begin construction of the initial phases of the wall/shoreline replacement.

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