Improved skate park and field lighting coming to Elliot Park

New project will significantly upgrade skate park and install field lighting at new athletic field

Illustration showing bird's eye view of planned upgrades to the skate park at Elliot Park

Illustration showing bird’s eye view of planned upgrades to the skate park at Elliot Park

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is pleased to announce a new project at Elliot Park that will expand and enhance the skate park and add new athletic field lighting, along with new paths and potentially upgraded picnic facilities.

The Elliot Park skate park was built in 2004. Phase Two, planned for construction this fall, will add a new sidewalk connection to the corner of S Eighth Street and S Ninth Street and a variety of new features, like a a skateable seat wall, quarter pipe, rail and ledges. The Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan, approved in January 2018, helped guide the Phase Two design.

The athletic field, which was upgraded and expanded in 2015, will be outfitted with four new light poles to extend play into the evening. Existing pedestrian and path lighting will also be replaced throughout the park.

If funds are available within the budget after construction bids are received, the project could include upgraded picnic facilities. One option is a new lunch patio on the west side of the park, another is to relocate picnic tables to shaded areas on the north side of the park. Tell us what you think using the survey link below.

This project is funded through a $535,000 allocation from Park Dedication Funds and 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan park rehabilitation funds.

Follow the links below to check out diagrams and renderings of the planned improvements and let us know what you think by completing a short online survey.

Aerial Diagram [PDF]
Skate Park Renderings [PDF]
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