Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan Update: Community Advisory Committee ranks design priorities

Community Advisory Committee prioritized 26 elements for Draft Preferred Design Alternative, which will be released later this winter

At its last meeting, following 16 months of study and discussion, the Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) agreed upon a list of 26 elements it prefers included in the upcoming master plan for the golf course property. The CAC agreed its top priority is “Protect homes from groundwater intrusion, including engineering analysis.”

After the meeting, the CAC prioritized the remaining list of 25 elements via online survey. Below are the ranked results, top being the highest priority.

Ranked Priorities

  1. Provide pollution mitigation coordinated by the City of Minneapolis and MPRB, including trash, sediment, and dissolved pollutant removal
  2. Maintain First Tee program
  3. Ensure more purposeful interpretation and presence of African American and Indigenous history, art, and culture
  4. Include stormwater best management practices
  5. Balance natural and recreation spaces with appropriate plantings (Vegetation that reduces maintenance needs while optimizing land use experience, water management, and wildlife)
  6. Enhance winter activities on the property
  7. Keep costs low (capital and maintenance)
  8. Explain why the MPRB wants to reduce pumping
  9. Revise/improve clubhouse, with winter activity hub, a pet friendly patio, and local business oriented
  10. Provide a plan to retain the 18-hole golf course with alternate ways to reduce pumping
  11. Protect existing wildlife habitat
  12. Enhance communal golf practice facilities
  13. Provide a plan for memorials to people
  14. Support wildlife connectivity
  15. Provide a safe walking path around the lake, not necessarily directly adjacent to lake
  16. Remove fence strategically to increase accessibility to park and water
  17. Reuse existing infrastructure
  18. New parking and traffic analysis
  19. Push Audubon Certification levels further
  20. Create public art opportunities
  21. Maintain and expand, where appropriate, biking path locations
  22. Provide opportunities for non-golf interaction on property
  23. Create passive and active areas
  24. Create an event venue
  25. Explore what each park facility building does and how its use could be expanded, i.e. event facility at SW maintenance bldg.

Additional Updates

Over the winter the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will publish project updates about the following topics:

  1. Why and When is Groundwater Pumping at the Golf Course Bad?
  2. Golf Course Layout
  3. Detailed Master Plan Process and Schedule
  4. Release of the Draft Preferred Design Alternative

General Master Plan Schedule

Winter 2019-2020

  1. Develop and publish Draft Preferred Design Alternative
  2. Collect feedback on Design Alternative via open house event and online survey
  3. Finalize Draft Preferred Design Alternative and create Draft Master Plan

Spring 2020

  1. Draft Master Plan published for 45-day public comment period
  2. Present Draft Master Plan to Board of Commissioners (informal presentation, no vote)

Summer 2020

  1. Tabulate public comments received
  2. Finalize Master Plan based on public comments
  3. Bring Final Master Plan to Board of Commissioners
    1. Public Hearing and consideration by Planning Committee
    2. Master Plan passed out of Planning Committee considered by full Board of Commissioners

Fall 2020

  1. Master Plan approved by Board of Commissioners sent to the Met Council for review and approval